Hey, Mom! Younger Millennial Moms Seek Advice from Their Moms

Hey, Mom! Younger Millennial Moms Seek Advice from Their Moms

Younger Millennials, ages 18-24, are more connected to their parents and have more ways to connect than previous generations. These young adults frequently consult their moms for advice on a range of topics. This generational reality  should alter brand’s marketing strategies and how they reach out to Millennial consumers.

From our research for Tuning Into Mom:

“Lately, we’ve been doing texting. My daughter is a little worrywart. If I’m not at home, she wants to know where I am…We don’t have a set routine, so we keep in touch with texting.” – Margarita, mom of a young adult

Even as Millennials become moms themselves, they seek advice from their own moms more than does the general population of moms. The top four advice topic areas are:

  1. Education/Academic
  2. Financial
  3. Event Planning
  4. Career

We’ve created a Family Advice Index, similar to a Brand Development Index, that shows these top four advice areas being of greater interest to Millennial moms than moms in general. The average mom ranks 100, while you can see Millennial moms rank 130 or higher.

The first time a Millenial encounters a situation, they seek an expert (or at least caring) opinion. And Mom fills that role perfectly.

Yolanda’s daughter sought her out for education and career advice. She considered many educational programs and careers—from personal training to cosmetology—each time eliciting advice from Mom, who researched the programs, offered advice on careers and was fully involved in the process. Yolanda’s daughter appreciated the advice her mom grave—such as stylists must start from the bottom and slowly build their clientele. It’s a perspective she hadn’t considered before.

Millennials also come to their moms when they wish to portray a more mature image for interviews and their career:

“I had to get outfits for interviews and other things. I would always check with my mom from her perspective because I want to maintain a good image. And she will be super honest and say, ‘That’s too low-cut.’ I have a teenager perspective, and I want her perspective to look right.” – Niki, a young adult

Brands that either directly or indirectly fit into the four categories of Education/Academic, Financial, Event Planning or Career certainly need to consider Mom and her influence with her Millennial children. When marketing strategies align with what Millennials are hearing from Mom, brand impressions will become that much stronger—but a marketing strategy that rebels against Mom’s advice might find itself on the losing side of the argument with this generation.

Brands should also consider marketing directly to Mom as a complementary approach. Often, moms are doing the research and making recommendations to their Millennial children— or she may even be holding the purse-strings.

One specific marketing tactic I’ve seen is providing an article or video that Mom can share with her Millennial child, making it easy for Mom to share expert advice in a non-intrusive way. Be on the lookout for these marketing strategies to become more prominent in the near future. What other marketing tactics do you notice that recognize the relationships between Millennials and their moms?

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