The paradox of the holiday weekend

The paradox of the holiday weekend

Oh, the weather outside is frightful -- to me, anyway. The heat is just too much, and thinking of those opening words from "Let it Snow" is actually one of my tactics for cooling off on this holiday weekend, the Saturday after Independence Day.

Having July 4 fall on Thursday has led a lot of people to talk about "the holiday weekend." It reminds me of Thanksgiving, another cooling thought because it's always on Thursday, leading to similar use of the expression.

But a holiday has its roots in the words "holy" and "day." It is not a week, even when you're enjoying "The Twelve Days of Christmas." (Another literally cool thought there!)

Then there's the argument about when the week ends and when the week begins. Does your week end on Friday when you leave work? (At a previous job, when people had to be there nearly every day on the calendar, I'd ask, "When's your Friday?" and mean "When's your last day to work this week?

But we generally talk about Saturday and Sunday as "the weekend" even when we read in the Bible about Easter -- the part of the story that begins "Early in the morning, on the first day of the week."

Of course, it was millennia ago, but nobody wrote "One morning on the weekend."

After all, there are two ends, a front one and a back one, if you don't want to use "beginning."

So "the weekend after Independence Day" is fine. Or, if you want to be very clear, you could call this "the weekend of July 6 and 7."

Dates always help, especially when I know that not everyone reading this might actually be celebrating the way I am.

(How's that? Any way I want!)

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  • I wondered why commuter shuttles operated on the day after Thanksgiving. Now we have July 5, too.

    The only surmise I have on your point is that the 2 day weekend isn't long enough for some folks.It's probably related to thee 37 hour workweek and getting every Friday afternoon off. I guess they got Wednesday afternoon off this week.

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