The return of 'Not another word night'

The return of 'Not another word night'

I apologize for my recurring silences since I started my new job. I intend to keep the blog going, I intend a lot of things in the morning -- and then work intervenes, the evening commute is twice the length of the morning one, and I'm ready for anything but writing a post in the evening.

There are times when I can think of it as "writing to you," and I thank you for that feeling.

But on other nights, I return to an expression and a mood I developed earlier in my career, when I was editing news releases all day.

At least now, I still read books or the occasional magazine on my evening commutes. Back then, the mood would start as soon as I left the office: Not another word!

I get so tired of stories, words and details that some nights, I just can't do any more with them. That's when I declare what I used to have earlier: Not another word night. I rely on listening to the radio, watching a dependable (recorded) TV program, or best of all, playing my cello.

The best "NAWN" lately was a couple of weeks ago, when Yo-Yo Ma appeared at Millennium Park in Chicago to play all six Bach Solo Suites for cello in one evening. I have enough recordings, including a pair of videotapes that's one reason I've kept my VCR going, to know that it would have been much too long a concert for me on a Thursday night. My job's worth more to me than getting home at 10:30 p.m. and feeling elated by music, thus losing more sleep.

So I had my "Homemade Bach" night. I watched the videotape, lectures and glorious playing by Mstislav Rostropovich (Ma's predecessor as finest cellist on the planet), and put some of the suites played by Ma on repeat when I found a piece I loved. Then I got my own cello going.

Even if you went to the concert, you heard your favorite parts just once. I heard several of the Sarabandes about a dozen times each, and sometimes three ways (or two recorded ways and several attempts).

I'm going to keep Sarabande no. 5 going, having seen the reminder from Maestro Rostropovich that it is "the quintessence of Bach's genius."

I smiled when I wrote that into my sheet music for Suite no. 5. The root of "quintessence," of course, has the root for five, quint-, in it.

Even on "Not another word night," I can't escape completely.


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  • Yes, sometimes we need to get a way from words. but I so enjoy your posts!

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    Thank you very much for your encouragement.When I do get away, it's like "shore leave" from reading "Moby-Dick" -- I'll always come back!

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