Being challenged to tell a story

Being challenged to tell a story

I was under the weather last night, so I missed the challenge of our monthly "Blogapalooza" writing prompt until this morning.

I'm still home, fighting a sore throat, so I looked for something to read and write to get me through listening to the Senate Judiciary Committee's hearings about Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

I found the Blogapalooza challenge: "Write about a story you've never told to anyone before."

This is an amazing combination with the hearing.

No, you're not going to get a story I've never told to anyone before. My private stories are my private stories. Like the time when I said I wasn't going to write about the Blogapalooza question, my answer here is that privacy is in danger.

I'm not sure that there are stories I haven't told anyone, except in the sense that my novel isn't finished and the whole story hasn't been told.  But there are plenty of private stories that very few people in my life know. I'm going to keep them that way.

My favorite poem, "Epistle to a Young Friend" by Robert Burns, contains lines I try to live by:

"Still keep something to yoursel

ye scarcely tell to ony."

I do keep stories to myself, or at least scarcely tell them to anyone. You wouldn't want to know. You don't need to know.

I have known some brilliant people. But now I'm glad that no one I know has been nominated to the Supreme Court. That's what the country has come to.

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  • Robbie Burns needs to get his keyboard fixed. So does the theory of blogapalooza.

  • Check the "Guid Scots Tongue" post from my series on English. I stand by my Burns spelling.

  • Well-done!

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    Thank you very much!

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