Merry Left-Handers Day!

Merry Left-Handers Day!
Source: Don't let the parade pass you by! Watch!

Author/editor's note: I've received an e-mail today from Anything Left-Handed containing correct information for the Left-Handers Day celebration. I'm advised that the correct website for Left-Handers Day information is:


Have a great day, readers!

Here we are approaching the middle of August, and you didn't think there was anything to celebrate, did you? Well, then, you've forgotten Left-Handers Day!

(That's OK. When I looked at my records to link this little celebration to my other posts, I discovered that I'd neglected it last year, too. But I've written about it another time, and here's the other link.)

This year's advance e-mail from one of my favorite newsletters, Anything Left-Handed (, uses left-handers with a hyphen this year -- enough to make Serious, left-handed grammar folk like me very happy. Here's another link, this time to their site for Left-Handers Day. (See correction above.)

Perhaps being left-handed has gotten me accustomed to enjoying small victories. For example, if you're right-handed, have you ever had any of the following thoughts?

I got the scissors to work.

Hey somebody, remind me that when I meet this person, I need to put my right hand out first.

Let's sit so that our elbows don't bump while we're eating.

If you recognize any of those, right-handers, I'd bet that you have a left-hander in your family or close friends. After all, we're in all sorts of places.

So stand up for your, er, rights (sorry), fellow left-handers, and go in the correct direction today. After all, correct is not always right!

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  • Great! It should be a holiday for us! Those dreadful right-handed desks were downright cruel and I won't mention those spiral notebooks that were totally uncomfortable to use!

  • In reply to Sabrina Nixon:

    Thanks, Sabrina. I used a second "desk" next to mine when subjected to those right-sided half desks. As for the wires in notebooks, my hands feel a lot more comfortable now with the tape-bound Composition Books I can get at the dollar store. I did try a notebook with the wire on the right once, but while it was good, I still couldn't use the back as easily as I do with Composition Books.

  • Cheers for the Left-Handed League! I still use the spiral notebooks. Stenographers' notebooks are a compromise, but they are not very durable, alas...

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    Yes, cheers for us! As the old Scottish toast says: Here's to us! Who's like us? Damn few, and they're all dead!
    (And by the way, I do still mix in the wire-bound notebooks along with the Composition Books. Seriously speaking, they're more helical than spiral, but I know that's the usual name.)

  • Helical? Sounds like a treat for Satan. Excellent post. And that's not a left-handed compliment.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Hmm, maybe your reaction is why we don't read "helical" much, although it's the adjectival form of "helix" (of DNA fame). A true spiral notebook would have a tornado-shaped wire, not comfortable for anyone's hand.
    Thanks for the compliment... even though I prefer to use that term as "backhanded" instead.

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