'Moby-Dick': Ahoy there, Mr. Starbuck!

'Moby-Dick': Ahoy there, Mr. Starbuck!
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"There, there, give it to him!" whispered Mr. Starbuck in chapter 58 of "Moby-Dick," which I read on Monday night.

But it wasn't a cup of coffee that was given to a person -- it was a harpoon given to a whale. (Not the whale, but the first up-close whale encountered in the book.)

Fifty-eight chapters down, and Mr. Starbuck is a busy, whispering character -- but not the slightest bit thirsty, to all I've seen.

Whatever a certain coffee company meant by naming their coffee bars after him is still as big a puzzle as something else: There's only one Mr. Starbuck on the Pequod, the ship in the book. So why couldn't the Starbucks Coffee people have used an apostrophe?

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