Oh-ho, the mistletoe -- this year?

Oh-ho, the mistletoe -- this year?
Mistletoe. Source: Reusableart.com

With decorating season upon us, even for those who wait until after Thanksgiving, the present climate of uncertain social rules has a new ingredient: mistletoe.

The old custom of hanging mistletoe at Christmastime and being able to kiss someone who's under it may leave many people cold after an autumn of allegations and confessions and other varied stories about unwanted physical contact.

In a break from researching my new series on last verses of carols, the line "Oh-ho, the mistletoe" jumped out at me while I was shopping. I think the song was "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas." (The last verse was no great shakes, but I've found several others, Christmassy and otherwise -- the series will continue.)

Jolly? Getting kissed? Well, I hope so -- but I will be looking at doorways carefully.

Maybe I'll just put some mistletoe in my hat -- so that I can hide it under my hat when I'm not in the right sort of crowd.

Happy holidays, 2017 style.

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  • Burl Ives is a long time ago.
    I don't think Franken had anything to do with Christmas, and, besides, hanging mistletoe from one's hat brim would show consent, while hanging it from the door transom might not.

  • In reply to jack:

    True on all counts, thank you. I'll keep watching doors carefully.

  • My hat's off to you.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Thank you. My own hat remains unadorned, but on... except when it's off to you for a clever reply.

  • I don't want to weigh down the holiday spirit, but I do believe it's going to take some adjustment [out of the current climate of allegations, confessions, and awareness] to remind us that hugs and kisses are needed - but not meant to be perverted. Poor little mistletoe....!

  • In reply to folkloric:

    Well put, thank you. Poor wee thing, it's quite a burden for a plant just now.

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