Chicago's new way to say goodbye: 'Be safe!'

Chicago's new way to say goodbye: 'Be safe!'

I heard it again this afternoon: "Have a good day. Be safe!"

I was seeing unusual things, so I recognized that I was hearing something that's increasingly familiar.

Instead of "goodbye," "take care of yourself," or other expressions, I'm parting from more and more people -- or hearing others part -- with something between a wish and a prayer: "Be safe."

Is that simply because I live in Chicago, home of an embarrassing murder rate of more than one per day, usually with guns?

Is it because I am a single lady?

Have we become so frightened that safety is the best we can wish for one another?

Or is that something we can build on, Chicago?

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  • Excellent post! Yes, I am hearing "Be safe" more often these days, too.
    Much to think about....

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    Thank you very much. "Take care" is different somehow. I like that "be safe" is fresher, but you're right, there's much to think about here.

  • "Be safe" would seem to be an improvement over the status quo ante.

  • In reply to jack:

    Thank you, Jack. It at least seems to indicate that people have thought about saying something, not just blurted it out.

  • I think that "be safe" is kindred with "take care of yourself." I know that I tend to offer "be safe" when I am parting ways with someone and traffic is messy or it is late at night - and this, in all locales, not just Chicago.

  • In reply to folkloric:

    Thank you, folkloric. I appreciate your observations, as usual -- and I love the idea of the two expressions being kindred.

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