The principal principle (or how to tell those words apart)

The principal principle (or how to tell those words apart)

I often pick out which words to write about by looking for errors in print. In the past week, "principle" and "principal" seem to be jumping out at me as if saying "Write about us!"

That's because they're jumping out from the wrong places. That's why I want to share a quick, easy rule for using the two of them properly:

A principle is a rule. The word "principle" has the letters "le" inĀ it -- just like "rule" does.

Something "principal" is something at the top or first, such as the principal of a school. To remember first, just remember that "principal" is the one with the "a" in it.

See? Serious, but quick and easy.

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  • I do so often mix these two up

  • In reply to Michael Messinger:

    Well, I hope this will help you, Michael. Thanks for stopping by!

  • The old saying was that the principal was your pal.

  • In reply to jack:

    There's another good way to remember it. Thanks, Jack!

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