'Memory' -- of a sunburn

'Memory' -- of a sunburn
Photo by Margaret H. Laing

Sunny thoughts for a stormy day -- with thanks and apologies to Andrew Lloyd Webber and T.S. Eliot. I'm OK, so far...no sunburns this year, just memories: 


Daylight! See the kids on the sandbar,

and they're all going wading,

going swimming all day.

Like a darn fool, I yearned to spend my day in the sun,

I would roast myself all day.

Now old dermatologists with white coats on

see my skin and think that they can cut with a knife,

and people with skin cancer say they're reborn --

and come back to a different, healthier life.

Memory! Turn your face from the sunlight

'cause it's all radiation, coming at you each way!

All the sun's rays will bake me until my skin turns red

if I'm out in them all day.

Burnt red hands and aching elbows --

endless masquerading!

What can I wear into work tomorrow?

The long-sleeved option's fading!

Don't touch me! Just go on and leave me

all alone with the mem'ry of my days in the sun.

If you touch my burn, you'll know what unhappiness is

when my screaming has begun!


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