My neighbor works there ... and there...

My neighbor works there ... and there...
My neighbors' sunflowers. Photo by Margaret H. Laing

I've noticed something interesting since I gave away the "Love Thy Neighbor" badge recently. I didn't learn its new custodian's name, so I have started to think of the corner store where he works as the place where "my neighbor" works.

But so is the store on the other corner. So are the competing drugstores around the block.

The little badge has been gone for more than a week, but it's still reminding me: All of these stores are places where my neighbors work. All of the people who go by are my neighbors.

Thanks for reading, neighbors.


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  • Do they all have the same badge, serially? Or are you assuming that they can't afford to commute? Or are they neighbors just because they work at neighboring stores? Of you live next to a Jewel, you would have a lot of neighbors.

  • In reply to jack:

    No, Jack, there is just one badge involved in this exchange (although the lady who gave it to me said she got it at a post-inauguration rally). They are neighbors because they're near me. Thanks, neighbor.

  • Yes, we are all neighbors. This is such a thoughtful and inspiring post--would it be okay to link to it? Thank you!

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    Yes, of course you may link to it. Thank you for asking so kindly.

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