Thanks and thanks again! Serious questions to ask yourself

Thanks and thanks again! Serious questions to ask yourself
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What a wild month in a wild year. (Just a month ago, we didn't know who would win either the World Series or the presidential election!)

But that wild feeling just makes it more important to stop to rest. Hmm, I nearly typed that as "reset." Not much of an error. Let your stop be both, rest and reset, and ask:

What am I most thankful for right now?

What am I most grateful for in the past year?

Who on earth (literally) can I thank for either of the above answers?

What can I do to help someone?

How can I better recognize when that someone is myself, i.e., when I need help?

How can I learn to accept help thankfully?

How can I learn to thank others without feeling embarrassed?

Here's my effort to answer the last question. To all of you readers, far and near, thank you for your kind attention and your interesting comments. The comments help me feel like I'm not just doing this for me, or for you, but with you.

A happy, peaceful Thanksgiving Day to you.




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