What to say that means 'yeah, right' now that the Cubs are in the World Series

What to say that means 'yeah, right' now that the Cubs are in the World Series
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Baseball is not my favorite sport, but I still admire its presence in the American version of the English language. You might say it's a hit.

But what about the disbelieving replies that just wore out? Those of us who would have answered "I didn't eat the last piece of cake" by saying  "Oh, and the Cubs are in the World Series" need some new expressions.

Well, here are some contenders:

-- The Chicago River is ready for swimming.

-- There were no calories in that last piece of cake.

-- I just got a raise -- a hundred-percent raise.

-- The dog had kittens.

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  • --Tony Preckwinkle (or any other Illinois politician) means it when saying taxes will be reduced.
    The dog had kittens is more likely than that. They could be "adopted."

    I used to use "Diogenes searching for an honest politician in Illinois."

    Also, what's the percentage of the raise when an intern gets a paying job, or someone who was part time goes full time?

  • In reply to jack:

    I like the Diogenes reference, Jack. As for the percentage in the intern question, it depends on whether the intern was paid to start with. In my own long-ago internship, I was paid with a grade. However, I do remember that anything times zero equals zero, so the increase is not something I can figure out. As for part-time to full-time, again, it'd depend on the hourly rate in each post.

  • And Adam Sandler will be nominated for an Oscar.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Oh, my! I hadn't even thought of that extreme -- but perhaps because I can not get through more than five minutes of Mr. Sandler's "work."

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