For the World Series, check - and develop - your sense of history

For the World Series, check - and develop - your sense of history

Do you think historically?

Seriously (of course), when you're trying to remember an event, do you think of it in terms of the things going on at the same time?

I do. Maybe that's because I've kept a diary since 1975, just after I turned, uh, never mind how old. I need to have some sort of a sense of "That happened in the same year that this did," or I would have a big pile of my own handwriting gathering dust in my diaries.

When someone, generally in my family, asks me when an event happened, I have developed a way of thinking of that time. I get a mental picture of the cover of the diaries I'd like to look for it in. I can get many events within two or three years.

That's not just because I have great memories of writing particular things and closing particular covers on them. If the event is distant in time, I also have the advantage of seeing that cover on the way to reading what I wrote. (No wonder I don't find posts very quickly. The web site's always the same colors.)

But sports help, too. I can tell you that I moved into my present apartment in 2013 because after a wild and crazy day came "banner night" -- the Blackhawks raised their 2013 Stanley Cup Championship banner to the rafters of the United Center. I was only listening to the ceremony (and the hockey game) on the radio, but it was delicious -- and it anchored moving day in history.

So if you are wrapped up in the World Series, enjoy it all -- but be conscious about what else is going on in your life. Maybe you won't have the immediate way to find something in your diary, but let the series be a milestone to measure where the rest of life is in 2016. Did something happen before or after the World Series?

Find whatever way you can to connect it in time. Let all the calls of "This is history!" be true for you.


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