It's Left Handers Day, all right (oops!)

It's Left Handers Day, all right (oops!)

Now and then, an e-mail newsletter brings an idea for a post. That's what happened on Thursday when I got the latest from The Left-Handers Club in the U.K. ( It contained a reminder that today, Aug. 13, is Left Handers Day.

(Sorry, fellow grammar mavens, but they put a hyphen in the club's name and not in the day. Sigh!)

Here are some of the reasons to support your local left-hander (such as your faithful correspondent):

-- We "lefties" are commonly considered more creative. Of course, we need to be, in order to figure out doing things backwards.

-- We are more likely to have accidents. Well, next time you see something built for a leftie, try using it backwards... then you'll understand.

-- Many of the world's fine artists are left-handed (or were, even in times when the Latin term "sinister" for left kept us under wraps).

-- Fellow lefties, do you find yourself startled to notice someone's handedness? I rarely notice someone's handedness myself, because I see so many righties that it looks usual, but I see lefties as normal.

-- Do you really need to keep using "right" to equal "correct" every time? I need to give directions a lot in my work, and I find it much easier to describe a turn as left or right and a proper answer as correct. If you're telling someone to turn left and they double-check your directions, it becomes "Left?" "Right!" "Oh, sorry, I thought you said left," and so on. "Correct" saves time.

So whichever hand you favor, have a happy day, all right?



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  • Not to mention all the leftist politicians.
    Also, somehow this generated a video about Pedro Strop, even though he throws righty.

  • In reply to jack:

    I have wondered how conservative left-handers and liberal right-handers keep their sides straight.

  • I'm applauding this post with both hands--well-done!

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    Thank you. I do recommend applauding with both hands -- it's louder.

  • My dominant side is the right.
    From which I admit I am deft.
    But politically when I do write,
    I am better, by far, on the left.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Well put, my friend. We seem to cancel one another's handedness as well as our politics -- but let's be role models in our amicable disagreements.

  • I should be embarrassed to say this but even though my dad was "a leftie" and a good number of my cousins and uncles are left-handed, I STILL comment whenever I notice that someone is left-handed! Is this annoying?

  • In reply to folkloric:

    No, it's not annoying. If you don't have lefties in your life regularly, we can be worth commenting on when spotted. I actually get comments about not noticing people's handedness -- that's how common noticing is. Don't worry.

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