The modern-day phone booth: Home

The modern-day phone booth: Home

After all of the end-of-year stories on predictions for the future -- the actual future and/or the predictions that didn't work out -- I found myself waiting for a phone call. I realized that there was a "prediction story" I hadn't read -- so here it is.

In the early 21st century, phone booths will have desks, beds, chairs, and even kitchens. You'll be able to do anything you need to do while you make a call, or (especially) while you wait to get called back.

Those of us of a certain age will pause for a moment while the rest of you look up what a "phone booth" used to be.

You're back? Good.

I have been waiting for calls that I don't want to take out in the wide world on my cell phone, so I've been waiting for them at home. That's when I got the image of waiting in my comfy phone booth, a.k.a. my apartment.

If that prediction had been around as cell phones took over, would we have believed it?

Would we have stood up against it while we had the chance?

Personally, I'd rather have my comfortable surroundings and make calls I can actually hear -- and you can't --  instead of treating the outside world as my phone booth.

When I hear my phone ring and I'm on the way out, or on the way home, I let it take a message if the caller is so inclined. (I nearly typed that as "if the called is so inclined." Being the called person, I am.) I feel much more comfortable -- not merely safer -- waiting for private surroundings for my conversations. I wish others would try it more often.

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  • In public when a cellphone rings
    And I alas am near it,
    Why is the dialogue so loud
    That I am forced to hear it?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Just lucky, I guess... unlucky, that is!

  • When we were at the Grand Hotel last May they will had phone booths, glorious ones. They had obviously been updated from the past but they were just wonderful. Inside them there was a box, you could put your phone in it, use a cord to charge it and lock it up. They also had hotel phones, a gorgeous chair, a small desk, pen and paper and wonderful decor. I was desperate to make a call so I called my husband who was sitting in the lobby watching me. It made me yearn for the days of phone booths.

  • In reply to Kathy Mathews:

    What a delight, Kathy! Thank you! I'll watch my copy of the movie "Somewhere in Time" (set at the Grand Hotel for the best parts) with new and different eyes next time.

  • Reminds me that when called to jury duty at the Daley Center, one is told to use a cell phone in the phone booth, which used to have a pay phone in it, but no longer does.

    I wonder where Superman now changes.

  • In reply to jack:

    Anywhere he wants to.

  • In reply to jack:

    Hmm. I'm probably overdue for getting summoned, so thanks.

  • This is a fun post, and now I want to make a telephone call at the Grand Hotel that Kathy Mathews mentioned!

  • In reply to folkloric:

    Thank you. I'll race you to the phone booth!

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