Stormy Serious questions

Stormy Serious questions
Rather rainy lately....

I know as well as anyone that we need distractions and fun, but aren't we focusing on them so much that we lose the ability to be more, well, Serious?

When we do pose for a picture, aren't we telling our memories "This is where I posed for a picture" instead of "This is how that place looked to me" and what we remember about it? (OK, I think I've solved this one already -- maybe!)

Why do the messier storms always hit at the worst times? Is it just a quirk of memory?

How have we wound up calling weather "improving" when pressure changes can make so many people feel worse?


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  • #2 is essentially whether one has a candid camera. It isn't like you now have to stand in front of the Polaroid until it flashed. But I think you answered yourself with your link that you wanted a photo of you in front of the Cup, instead of of the Cup.
    #4: Usually the question is "why does the tornado always hit the trailer park?" including on a Nova storm tracking program. The people with the radar truck could have just hung out at the trailer park. The way you phrased your question is similar to "why is a lost item in the last place I looked?" #5: Also, the weather improved once the Coal City tornado pulled out.

  • In reply to jack:

    Rereading that post, I guess not you, but everyone else.

  • In reply to jack:

    Thanks for re-reading. Honestly, I'm happier having had a chance to read the Cup that closely than I would be with a picture of me with it.

  • In reply to jack:

    Thanks as usual, Jack. The weather viewpoint is hard for me to maintain at times!

  • Gracious! It seems that Serious Questions abound when it comes to anything associated with memory and memories!

  • In reply to folkloric:

    Well, when my favorite songs include both "Memory" and "Yesterday," those topics will turn up on a lot of lists. But you did get to use the word "abound," so it's OK!

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