Some Serious questions...

Some Serious questions...

Here are some questions I've been wondering about without finding enough of an answer for paragraphs. Just wondering:

Do the makers of electronic invitations use the term E-vite or Evite in France? "Eviter" is the French word for "to avoid," so "evite" something can look like "avoid" something.

Do people who use the word sophisticated badly know just how bad it makes them sound (or look)? "Wise" is so much closer to what people think "sophisticated" means.

Is spring in Chicago just an average -- again?

Why do I enjoy looking at flowers and blooming trees so much when I'm allergic to their pollen?

When you tell someone your name, does that person frequently respond with "And what do you want to be called?" If not, count that among your blessings.

Why do we talk about "favorite" things instead of "favored" ones?

Shall I do some more lists of Serious questions later? (Let me know!)





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  • Ha! I've never had anyone ask me what I want to be called, but often, people shorten my name to Les...which I absolutely hate!!!! And these are often people who have just met me!

    Sure. Would love to read more Serious questions!!!!

  • In reply to Leslie Kahn:

    You mean you aren't Grobstein or Nessman? I thought Les was a man's name, and usually Lester.

  • Thanks! I often get asked what I want to be called... immediately after I've just said "Margaret." (Maybe that's part of the Serious idea.)
    Glad you'd like more questions -- I'll start a new list. There's nothing quite like getting something out into the world for me to think "But I should have added" whatever, and this is the result.

  • Yes! you must compile lists and lists of Serious questions! I was reminded of Pablo Neruda's wonderful poetry collection, The Book of Questions. An excerpt from vii:
    "What happens to swallows
    who are late for school?

    Is it true they scatter
    transparent letters across the sky?"

  • In reply to folkloric:

    Wow, thanks! I'll look for Neruda's book. I love the questions you gave in return for mine.

  • Really enjoyed this. Yes, more questions, please....

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    Will do, thank you!

  • The eviter is similar to whether Chevy should have brought back the Nova, which means "no go" in Spanish.

    I don't think "sophisticated" equals "wise." Those on the red carpet gown parade might be sophisticated, but nobody thinks they are wise. As I indicated with regard to Andre the Giant, the opposite of sophisticated is "slob."

    And with regard to flowers, they do far much more for the sense of sight than any allergy detracts from them. With trees, you might have maybe one more week.

  • In reply to jack:

    Thanks, Jack. I thought of Nova when I ran into e-vite.
    I'm glad you don't think "sophisticated" equals "wise." It's related to those who practice sophistry, as I explained in an earlier post (which wouldn't link to this one -- drat).
    As for having only one more week with tree torments, YAY!

  • I can think of many sophisticated people who could never be considered wise.
    More Serious questions? Keep 'em coming.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Thank you for the wise words. Another list of questions is underway.

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