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The Mommy Wars: So So Useless and Short-sighted

I will never, for as long as I live, understand the Mommy Wars.  Never.  If you are a mom and you are building and raising a family in the best way you can, you are absolutely golden in my book.  It is all SO hard.  And sweet.  And perilous.  And worth it.  Regardless of what... Read more »

Amazing Adventure #11: Fighting Depression, Being a SAHM, Not Taking Offense, and Feminism

Fighting Depression: I haven’t written anything for almost a week because I think I may be a little depressed.  I’m also sick – which doesn’t help.  I am generally a happy person unless I am actively despairing about something horrible.  I don’t much get depressed.  But this holiday season has been a little depressing in... Read more »