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Divorced Parenting: It's a Carnival!

There are moments when I wonder how in the world I navigated the 7 years of married motherhood. As a divorced mom, I get breaks.  Lots of nice breaks. I make lists of things that I can get done with no one underfoot.  Things I can fix or clean without the inevitability that something is... Read more »

Sensory Issues and Some Magical Freakin'Socks

Bunny has always, for as long as I can recall, had some sensory issues regarding her feet.  Shoes are often too tight or too loose or too narrow or something is poking her from somewhere. And socks….OH socks…. Seams and screams. Socks with seams reduced her to tears, “seamless” socks were too thick and made... Read more »

It's Mama vs The Tooth Fairy Over Here and You Just KNOW That *&%$ Fairy's Gonna Win...

The tooth fairy years are important ones in a child’s life, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to do this thing. We played the game so wrong.  We were young (in spirit and experience) and unaware of the consequences.  And we will pay the price for years to come. See, cute little... Read more »

Here's what I expect from you at a McDonald's Playplace

So, on day four of this past long weekend, I took my children to the McDonald’s Playplace because, you know, otherwise I’d have to play Chutes and Ladders again. Also, they inexplicably love the germ-infested, greasy, primary colored plastic tubes that you just KNOW no adult has ever climbed into with some disinfectant EVER.  It’s the... Read more »

Valentine's Day - A Postmortem

This is the brown Bear of Irony.  The white one seems to be hiding...which is wise.  This one plays Baby Love.  And his cheeks light up.  The ones on his face, I mean.
I am writing this post about Valentine’s Day while willing myself to not forget to go down and get the stuffed animals from the car and put the ribbons on them and make a little card. More than once the tooth fairy has accidentally missed our condo (she was super busy, yo) and, in December, St.... Read more »

My Acceptance Speech for Mother of the Year

I want to thank you so much for this award.  It comes at a perfect time – mere days after my seven-year-old told me she really wanted to call me a bitch.  And when she was punished for that, she insisted it was unfair because she hadn’t called me a bitch at all.  She merely said that... Read more »

Amazing Adventure #5: Big Picture Parenting

There is no one who would ever accuse me of being a mother who hovers.  There is a very funny Thanksgiving video of Pip spinning around and crashing into my friend’s coffee table.  I proceed to laugh uncontrollably while another friend sweetly checks out his elbow and gives it a kiss.  Well, sure, that’s another... Read more »