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Four Things I Have Learned About Dating After Divorce

After my husband left…after I started eating again and the panic attacks slowed down…I started thinking about dating again. Which brought on more panic attacks. I was absolutely certain of 4 things. 1)  Nobody will want to date a 43-year-old mother of two young children.  No way. 2)  I do not want to date anyone... Read more »

Divorced Parenting: It's a Carnival!

There are moments when I wonder how in the world I navigated the 7 years of married motherhood. As a divorced mom, I get breaks.  Lots of nice breaks. I make lists of things that I can get done with no one underfoot.  Things I can fix or clean without the inevitability that something is... Read more »

Valentine's Day - A Postmortem

This is the brown Bear of Irony.  The white one seems to be hiding...which is wise.  This one plays Baby Love.  And his cheeks light up.  The ones on his face, I mean.
I am writing this post about Valentine’s Day while willing myself to not forget to go down and get the stuffed animals from the car and put the ribbons on them and make a little card. More than once the tooth fairy has accidentally missed our condo (she was super busy, yo) and, in December, St.... Read more »

Choosing Happiness

One of my mother’s chief lessons for me growing up was that you make your own happiness.  It comes from within.  She would say that is the reason there are people who have everything that money could buy them but they are miserable and there are people who are dirt poor or who live with... Read more »

Amazing Adventure # 8: Going On a Date...I Guess

I think I have a date next week.  It makes me feel nervous…and kinda fat. Throughout my entire life, I have struggled a bit with body image.  Not excessively – no eating disorders or anything.  But I have certainly been somewhat self-conscious about any imperfections.  It’s too bad, of course, because when I look back... Read more »