The Red Band Society: Why it sucks

A few weeks ago, infuriated by the trailer for the show The Red Band Society, I wrote a scathing blog.  Scathing, I tell you.  Oh…I was so angry. Then I didn’t post the blog.  I have been second-guessing myself a lot lately.  I thought maybe I should go ahead and watch the show first.  But... Read more »

The Key to a Fun Day with the Kids is to Set Expectations Really Low

The first time we ever went to Chuck E Cheese, I told the kids it would be fun.  Yay!  Let’s GO! That was an error on my part. First of all, in the olden days, Chuck E. Cheese was equal parts disgusting germ-filled kid habitrail and games.  My kids love those nasty, crusty plastic climby... Read more »

American Girl Could Make Even More Billions If We'd Stop Being So Freakin' Confused About Gender Roles

It was only a week after his birthday this summer when I realized I had gotten Pip the absolute wrong present. Bunny is so easy to shop for – clothes, craft kits, doll accessories, cute pjs, shiny things, sparkly things…. Pip is tougher.  He’ll ask for something but you just KNOW he’ll only play with... Read more »

Thank You, Gigi, For The Bridges You Built

“I wish we could just stay here all night.  Next time we come, can we stay all night?” My daughter said that the other day as we made our way to the front desk of the Evanston Public Library to check out our books. Evanston has a fantastic library with a really nice kid’s section. ... Read more »

The Society for Creative Anachronism: I went to an SCA event, it was as dorky as I thought it would be, and I LOVED it

The battlefield.
When my sister asked to take my kids to an event being held by the Society for Creative Anachronism (which is a little difficult to explain but whereas a Ren Faire or Medieval Times are amusements for people to go and see actors (or “actors”) pretending to be existing in another century for the purpose... Read more »

My Awful Dye Job: When Bad Decisions Happen to Good People

When I think back to that moment in time, I see it as if it is in slow motion. Oh, for a do-over! I drove all the way out to Target because the local Walgreens where they know my name (so embarrassing) does not have the color I use. Now, the color I typically use... Read more »

Letter to a New Mom: Relax. It's All Temporary Anyway

Once upon a time, just under nine years ago now, on my way out of our home on our first evening away from our first child, I explained to the kindly, grandmotherly babysitter from the nanny service that my daughter was a horrible sleeper. Horrible. Impossible to get her to sleep. And any tiny noise... Read more »

President Obama Tried to Spoil Our Evening But We Are Made of Stronger Stuff

If you watch The West Wing (Seasons 1 – 4 only) repeatedly as I do…because it is liberal porn and I am a whore for it…you know a little bit about presidential type stuff.  For example, you know that the presidential motorcade can wreak some serious havoc – like when the president flies into LA... Read more »

My Third Grader Is Learning the Recorder Because the Universe Hates Me

The third graders are learning to play the recorder as is, apparently, protocol designed by someone who works for the Evanston/Skokie school district by day and sprouts horns and fangs and drinks the blood of the innocent by night. Yes. I know it’s you, Beelzebub.  I know where you work now.  Every day Bunny insists... Read more »

Maybe We Could Just Be Respectful. Wouldn't That Be Nice?

About a month ago, some friends of mine and I went out to dinner. The discussion turned to popular song lyrics and one of my friends said that she hated a certain song that I happen to like.  She said she thought the lyrics were ridiculous and made no sense.  I looked up the lyrics... Read more »