What Do Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Ellen Degeneres Have in Common?

A ridiculous level of celebrity that makes me want to kick something really hard. (I mean that I want to use great force to kick something and not that I want to kick a hard object.  That would hurt.)

I am so tired of all the misplaced celebrity.

I used to enjoy reading People magazine.  I would buy it as a treat for myself if I had to do something unpleasant or if I was going to fly on a plane.  And I would most certainly browse them for free while waiting in the checkout line.  Sometimes I would pick the longest line so that I could read an article with an exceptionally catchy headline.

And I liked TMZ every once in a while.  And Inside Edition.

But I seem to have reached a saturation point for that ridiculous crap.

I know that it was coming on well before I heard the “news” blip on the radio that Kim Kardashian is under new management because she is trying to pull her image away from her family.  She now has the same management as Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux.  Or was that her old management?  I don’t know.  Who cares?  Because the woman, while pretty (but not as pretty as many of my friends,) doesn’t DO anything except be famous.  She is famous for being famous and, I guess, having money and a couple sex tapes.  And we all get very excited about what she’s doing and what she’s wearing and what stupid name she gave her baby.  And that “news” blip was the straw that broke my back (yes, in this instance, I am a dromedary with a severe spinal issue because of Kim Kardashian.  It's true.)

It’s one of the few things that makes me mad these days.

Because there are so many people out in the world being downright amazing every day.  People are daily doing things a Kardashian would never have the intelligence or the strength to do.  And they aren’t being recognized and they aren’t being celebrated and they aren’t making enough money to take a decent vacation and if they did scrape up some vacation money, no one would hide in the bushes and try to get a photo of them topless.  And that’s INSANE.

I was with some of my friends last night and I looked around at one point and I marveled at the collective beauty and strength and character in that room and I was awestruck.  Not because of their sex tapes (though I’ve seen them all and those guys really have great form) but because they are SO smart and kind and compassionate and loyal and brave.  They are exactly who I want my children to grow up to be.  Every single one of them.

I have a friend with a big fancy job at a downtown educational publishing company and, in her spare time, she bakes decorative, gourmet wedding and occasion cakes (she once made a cake that looked like a liver for Pip’s transplant team.  It was years ago and they are still talking about it.)  AND she runs programs where she helps inner city kids turn their difficult experiences into art.  I saw the latest production and it left me speechless.  She’s AMAZING.

Why aren’t we honoring that?  Why don’t we celebrate that?  Why aren't we telling our kids that actors and singers and professional celebrities are fine and watching shows and listening to music is fine but none of those people are necessarily role models. Why do we let them have that celebrity stature in the first place?  They're just people doing a job.  Let Miley do whatever she wants and introduce your daughter to people who actually do amazing things and tell her THIS is something to emulate.

I keep thinking about the man at Children’s who does all the difficult blood draws.  He never misses.  Never .  No matter how small or sick or non-compliant the child is, that man can quickly and efficiently get the blood necessary for doctors to gather the information they need to make that kid better.  He’s been at it for probably 30 years.  And he is quiet and humble.  And he’s a hero.  He is a hero to countless families.  He’s certainly a hero to mine.  But we choose not to honor that.  Because it’s really important to find out whether or not Lady Gaga is having a skinny month or a fat month.

Ellen Degeneres is funny.  She does that well.  My mailperson always delivers the mail by 2pm no matter how bad the weather is.  She does it well.  If I’m gonna write a fan letter to either one, it’s gonna be the mailperson.  She has a more direct impact on my quality of life.  Also, she’d get the letter immediately. That’s cool.

The media is telling us whom we should admire and we are doing it.  Don't you kinda want to stand up on a giant soap box and announce that the emperor is naked?  I do.

You guys, all those actors people fawn over were probably the nerdy drama kids in high school.  They worked in restaurants and pounded the pavement at auditions until somebody, by chance, chose them over the thousands of others actors who were equally as talented and put them in a movie or on a tv show and now we suddenly care what they’re wearing and who they’re sleeping with and what product or politician they're endorsing.  Guys, I am an actor.  I love actors.  But they aren’t more important than the people who have dedicated their lives to teaching your kids.  They aren't more important than research scientists.  They aren’t more interesting, either.

I know we all know this.  I know I’m just passionately stating the obvious.  Just remember as you pick up the magazine to find out why Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas split up that you are also telling the publishers you think they are celebrating the right people.

I mentioned this to another of my amazing, admirable friends last night who is in town from LA working on a documentary.  I said I wanted to host a talk show on my balcony and interview the people who should truly be celebrities – beginning with that fantastic pediatric phlebotomist.  She said that people would probably watch if I also gave them each a new car.  Unfortunately, I think that’s probably spot-on.

But she also said that she would love to be the one to shoot and edit it.  So, you know, maybe….


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