You Can Learn A Lot From a Second Grader

Yesterday, the students of Bunny’s second grade class covered the walls with colorful, hand-painted campaign posters, delivered promise-laden stump speeches, and voted for a president for their classroom (aka The United Kingdom of Celebration.)  The top vote-getter became the president, the runner-up was the vice president, and the next four highest vote getters became governors.

Bunny was not elected to anything.

Bunny’s platform was inherently Democratic.  Her promises involved Equality (“I will be a friend to everyone equally”), Universal Healthcare (“If you get hurt, I will take you to the nurse and make you laugh”), Anti-War (“I will break up any fights and make you feel better if someone is mean to you”)  and Anti-Obesity (“I will try to get a longer recess.”)  It was a kind, sweet campaign.

No wonder she didn’t win.

When telling me about the voting, Bunny confessed to voting for two of her friends instead of herself.  “We were allowed to vote for ourselves but that just seemed wrong…kinda selfish.”


Those who didn’t get government jobs were allowed to choose careers.  Bunny is now the class fashion designer.  She wants to make an actual wearable dress and bring it to school.  Apparently, it will be red with gold rickrack around the hem and sleeves and brown felt horses scattered about.

I couldn’t be more proud of Bunny – for her campaign of kindness that she developed all on her own and for her selflessness during the voting process (in Chicagoland, no less) and for the way she easily bounced back after her loss.  Who cares how those kids voted.  Bunny is nothing but win.

It’s a nice reminder as I flounder a little in this place where I am trying to figure out what the heck I’m going to do with the rest of my life and embark on a new career and new relationships and a very different life than I had planned.

It’s who you are inside that’s important.

You can learn a lot from a second grader.


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