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How My Son Got A New Liver: 5 Years Post-Transplant

I have a very clear memory of signing the papers before Pip’s transplant.  The doctor gave us a run-down of what we were signing – there wasn’t time for them to drop the papers off with us so that we could read them at our leisure.  I imagine that when there is time, the discussion... Read more »

On School Drop-Off, Backwards Love, and Vaginal Knitting

It has been a month and a half since I have posted anything on this here blog o’mine.  I am all apology and chagrin and a little bit curious as to whether anyone even noticed.  Things got a little nutty around here and because I couldn’t figure out how to write about it all…or whether... Read more »

Want to Know How to Help? Just Listen...

When I was a kid, my family had an old Catalina that was inherited after my grandmother died.  She was no spring chicken when we got her and we drove her hard – the car, not my grandmother (sheesh!) – all around Florida in the heat. For awhile, she had a little issue where she... Read more »

On Anniversaries and Memories and Smart Phones

I’m not someone who commemorates dates on a calendar. I was going to write that I am not someone who remembers dates but that’s not exactly true. I know that my mother passed away on New Year’s Eve.  That’s kind-of an easy one to remember.  I know that my father died on July 13.  I... Read more »

I Should Not Do Art Projects With My Children. Ever.

I try not to do art projects with my kids if I can help it.  I mean, I like it when THEY do art projects but I try not to join in.  It’s not because I don’t enjoy doing art projects, though.  No.  I enjoy it alright.  I enjoy it a little too much. For... Read more »

Parenting: How Did My Mom Make It Look So Easy?

I remember very distinctly the day I informed my mom, after she had paid for the class and the shoes and the recital rehearsals had begun, that I no longer wanted to attend ballet class.  I was five.  I remember my mother explaining that I had made a commitment and I would be expected to... Read more »

Pip Was Here

Pip had some yogurt.
Hey, ya’ll? Check it out. Pip was here.

The Affordable Care Act: It's Not Just About You

I was accidentally watching Fox News on Saturday (it was on a TV in a waiting room and the sound was up pretty high and the TV was mounted way up on the wall and the remote was controlled by someone I couldn’t see… I couldn’t help it!)  The woman on the “news” show said... Read more »

6 Ways You Know You're a Single Mom

1) You have become an expert favor-asker.  You used to be reluctant to ask for help.  You hate feeling vulnerable.  Being a single parent means throwing that to the wind or perishing.  Of course, being the parent of a sick kid also means throwing that stuff to the wind so if you’ve lived that already, maybe you’re well-practiced at... Read more »

Tonight's Lesson For My Daughter Was a Lesson For Myself

Tonight, Bunny wrote a note to her teacher.  In her very best handwriting, she wrote the following: Dear Mrs N, I was wondering if it might be possible for me to maybe move to a more challenging group in spelling. Thank you, Bunny It sounds simple, but it was actually a pretty substantial undertaking. First,... Read more »