Tearin' It Up at the Chicago Dance Marathon

There are few pluses to chronic illness - especially pediatric chronic illness - but since we here at TAAAoMBP like to choose happiness, I will say that it is really really nice to get to be a speaker on behalf of Lurie Children's Hospital and The Children's Miracle Network and Pip's illness made that happen.

We've been doing it for a year or so.  We've done three dance marathons and a couple corporate functions and the radiothon at The Mix for the past couple of years.  It's fun and it's important and I feel really lucky to be one of the families that has the opportunity to tell our story.  It's an honor and a privilege.

This weekend was The Chicago Dance Marathon.  We had a ball and money was raised for a fantastic hospital.  Here's a great video about it and the fun-ness.  Just click on the "play" icon on our friend Ellie.  We're in this video a couple times lookin' sassy.  Word.  Next year maybe we can put together a team and we'll all dance together for 13.1 hours.  You wanna?  What will we call ourselves?  Team Pip?  The Pips?

And, even though I am totally outing myself now (as if you couldn't do a quick google search and find out who we are anyway), this is Pip's story song from The 2011 Mix Radiothon.  Cause it's important.
April is Organ Donation Awareness month and my hope is to blog every day in April to tell Pip's story (it was actually a bit more dramatic and precarious than what is covered in the story song so I promise a good read)  and also invite a few friends we've met along the way to tell their stories as well.  That's another positive of this disease.  We've made some amazing, courageous friends.

Lurie Children's is the reason we have a birthday to celebrate every June 26th.  Children's is the reason Santa left not only a robot dog but a bow and arrow set under the tree.  Of course, it has had to be confiscated for misuse a few dozen times but since liver disease drains your energy and leaves you lifeless, we are happy to see all the life and energy Pip regularly displays (mostly...though sometimes it leaves a mark.)

If you feel inspired to support Lurie Children's, here's a link.  No pressure.  But since that's what the speaking engagements are ultimately for, I figure I'll provide it.

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