Why would anybody endorse abundant, easily-obtainable guns?

Republicans say guns are important for self-defense. Okay, but why do they need automatic weapons? Why is it necessary to stockpile high capacity magazines?  Is it to defend against AK-47 wielding rioters?

The Second Amendment is primarily and vitally important for one main reason -- so that Hitler-like mass murder can never touch the shores of These United States.

Consider that the next time politicos call for gun grabbing measures and for gun control laws. Be very, very careful with the possession of this right -- its confiscation has preceded nearly all the mass murders in the modern age. Even if you don't believe these atrocities would happen here, do you endorse making it possible by ceding monopoly control of arms to the state?

And consider -- a soldier armed with an assault weapon enters your home to take your first born. How is your 7-round pistol holding up??

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