Scandal Recap: No More Blood

Scandal Recap: No More Blood

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Scandal Season 4, Ep. 13 – “No More Blood.”

“This isn’t a high school soccer match. There are no ties.” — Jake

You gotta love Olivia Pope for her sheer Olivia Pope-ness. Caught between a rock and Iran, Olivia used her knowledge of Farsi ,and her captor’s lack of knowledge in it, to maneuver her escape. From the Iranians  anyway.

But the biggest threat to Olivia’s safety just might have been the American government. While Fitz celebrated the abandoned deal with Iran, his intelligence team was coming up with a pitch to convince him Olivia’s death would benefit the country more than her return. Silly team, as if Fitz cares about the safety of his county and its citizens! All Fitz cares about is Olivia and Vermont and jam. Where have you been?

At least it forced Cyrus to stop his mantra of what a great leader Fitz is, if only in his manically angry imagination. Its not surprising that Cyrus would be pro-killing Olivia. This is a man who contemplated killing his own husband to protect the republic or whatever. He’s a cold fish, Cyrus. He’s also an actual leader.

So, the auction for Olivia began anew. Thankfully, it was a much shorter auction than last week’s. It came down to Marie Wallace, aka Mama Pope, and Russia. The captivity must have gotten to Liv because she played her hand a bit too broadly, making it obvious she wanted to go with Marie and guaranteeing she was sold to Russia.

But honestly, I think Olivia would rather be sold to Russia or killed by the CIA than go to Rowan for help. Or maybe that’s just me. Twenty minutes later, when Rowan was done with his condescending, repetitive monologue... everything was exactly the same as it was before.

Is anyone else disturbed how this show, heralded as a beacon of female strength in a male dominated entertainment industry, has turned into a weeks long rescue fantasy? Of course, this fantasy didn’t end with the prince rescuing the princess. It ended with the forgotten sidekick rescuing the princess and the princess kicking some kidnapper ass. But seriously, show of hands, who remembered Stephen from season one? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Here ya go.

I suppose, since it was actually Abby that called in Stephen, it was really a woman saving her best friend.  And then there’s that impassioned speech about how Olivia saved herself, which isn’t exactly true, but it was damn powerful. So, I guess I’ll let this one go. For now.

Final thought, I have to give Liz a lot of credit. It takes some balls of steel to waltz up to the man who tortured you and threatened your child and ask him to torture someone else. Unfortunately, mere moments before Huck made a solemn vow to not kill or torture anymore. Gee, why didn’t anyone else ever think to just ask Huck to stop being a psychopathic weirdo? Oh wait, that totally didn’t work either. Tough luck, Andrew.


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