True Blood Series Finale Review

True Blood Series Finale Review

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen the series finale of True Blood, “Thank You.”

True Blood is a show that’s easily mocked, but after seven successful years its clear it was doing a few things right. And now we can add its series finale to that list.

It was clear from the beginning of this season that the show creators were using their final lap to focus on characters and relationships rather than the action and adventure it had become known for. So in the final episode Eric and Pam dealt with the season’s big bad as swiftly as they could have nine episodes earlier and we were free to focus on love for the other 67 minutes.

All the Jessica/Hoyt/Jason stuff felt a bit forced last week, and yes, getting married after a day of reacquaintance is also a bit forced, but in a more touching way. And while we’re talking about things that don’t work on paper, it might not make sense to spend the entirety of the episode focusing on Bill dying since it has been a forgone conclusion since episode two. And yet it worked. The story began as Bill and Sookie’s story so its only fair that the conclusion was their conclusion.

Spinning that out, the story began when the world was turned upside down by vampires coming out of the coffin and the finale was all about getting back to a place of normalcy. Of course in this world normalcy means popping out a bunch of babies and Eric and Pam getting ridiculously rich. Throw in a wedding and some primo infomercial action and you have the recipe for a quality series ending.

But the best decision True Blood made was the choice it didn’t make. For seven years fans have debated who Sookie was going to end up with, but the finale made it clear it was never about that. It was about Sookie choosing the kind of life she wanted. In the end she wanted a somewhat normal life, but without giving up who she was. And who she chose to live that life with doesn’t matter. The point is she chose it. Perhaps its not the fairytale ending some envisioned, but it’s an ending we should have hoped for.

And that’s it. There’s not much more I can say. There were no big, surprising moments, just a lot of little touching ones that added up to a satisfying finale. After the last few season it wasn’t what I expected, but then True Blood was always about giving us the unexpected. And so while this season might have been a thank you to the viewers, now it’s our turn to thank the show.

So thanks True Blood, for introducing me to Alexander Skarsgard’s abs, for the supreme perfection of everything that came out of Pam and Lafeyette’s mouth, for Terry, Andy and Jason’s heart, for abandoning the idea of were-panthers, for being the first show I ever blogged about and for seven years of entertainment.


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