True Blood Recap: Love Is To Die

True Blood Recap: Love Is To Die

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen True Blood season 7, Ep. 9 – “Love Is To Die.”

“Yeah, whorehouse they understand.” — Pam

If the goal with this penultimate episode was to cast the series finale in its most favorable light than it certainly succeeded because it does not get more lackluster than “Love Is To Die.”

We have seven years of drama to wrap up and yet this hour barely spent time on the major plotline of the season or the major characters of the series. While a main (albeit uninteresting) character like Sam merely got a voiceover letter to tie up his arc, we spent more than half the episode with Hoyt, Jessica, Jason and Bridgette only to end up exactly where we knew we would. And while the scenes between Hoyt and Jessica were sweet and provided some closure, having Jason’s moment of self-discovery come at the hands of a woman he’s known for all of a day and half felt lazy.

Meanwhile, all we got out of Sookie was some moping around Bellefleur’s. Eric and Bill had a touching moment made all the more confusing because at best they’ve only ever tolerated each other. But their love of Sookie has them working together to convince her that Bill dying will be the best for everyone. And thats probably true, but Bill might not have the chance to explain it all to her because the Yakuza are headed for her because of… reasons.

Look, I’m trying really hard to overlook the vagueness of this season’s big bad, but they’re not making it easy for me. After being introduced as a shadowy, mega powerful organization, the Yakuza have quickly reached super-villain territory, complete with elaborate vampire killing mechanisms.

Yes, no one was supposed to know about Sarah, but this is supposed to be a multi-billion dollar company. How much trouble could one waitress in a small Louisiana town really cause? They could crush any rumors she might spread a lot of ways without resorting to hunting her down and causing a big violent scene. But hey, we need a finale so I guess we know which path they’ll choose.

But like I said, I’m not trying to get bogged down in the troublesome plot points, but just enjoy these last few hours for what they are. Unfortunately, while I wanted these last few hours to be about giving closure to all the characters I’ve come to care about, the writers decided three minor characters and a random day player deserved an entire hour all to themselves. So now everyone else gets crammed into the last hour of the series. For a season that started out as a big thank you to the viewers, I’m suddenly missing the gratitude.

And one last thing, True Blood writers, while the Eric/Ginger scene is easily the funniest/best part of this episode and one of the best bits of closure for the series, it better not be Eric’s last sex scene. I sat through veiny Bill Compton sex for you; I need some quality Eric Northman to help erase that image.


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