True Blood Recap: Almost Home

True Blood Recap: Almost Home

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen True Blood Season 7, Ep. 8 – “Almost Home.”

“All I ever wanted from you, Jason, was to live in the world with no wit, no intellect; a world where you worship me for the perfect creature that I am.” — Violet

Only True Blood could have an episode where so much happened, yet it felt like so little. In truth, three major storylines of the season were wrapped up; Eric was cured, Lettie Mae got closure from Tara and Violet was killed, her various hostages freed in the process. Yet, the moments that stand out are the small moments between characters that we’ll soon have to say goodbye to; Hoyt and Jessica falling back in love, Sookie and Bill falling back in love and the Bellefleur family reunion.

All season True Blood has wavered between two final season paths; to give viewers a season full of the plot and action they have come to expect from the show they’ve dedicated seven years to, or to give them a final farewell tour, light on actual plot, to give them moments with the characters they’ve spent those seven years with. Now, two episodes away from the end, its clear they’ve picked the second path.

Each time a problem (aka a plot point) arose a solution (aka Hoyt with a gun) arrived a mere episode later. All the hallmarks of a True Blood season are there; the rescue missions, love stories and family dramas, but none have been given the weight to steer the season. At the beginning of the season I applauded the focus on one major storyline; Hep-V, and that’s still a major thread, but its clear now that the true focus is on everyone getting their chance to say goodbye.

Since the whole “plot and action” side of things have been lacking the last few seasons, I’d say they made the right choice. But it doesn’t make for the most scintillating of recaps.

What can I say about Bill completely redeeming himself to Sookie with a few nice words? Or the fact that bringing Hoyt and Jessica back together works better than it has any right to? Sure, I could rant about how little sense it made for Bridgette to insist on a ride along or how the reveal that Bill wants to die was severely weakened by the fact its been clear since the second episode. But I don’t want to do that.

True Blood won’t go down in history for having one of the best final season of all time, but at least they have the sense to aim for mediocre and hit it rather than aim for great and fail. Because despite the plot holes and the clichés I do care what happens to all these people.

I’m glad Sookie got a moment of closure with Bill and I want her to have a moment with Eric and maybe even Sam as well. I want Arlene to find a boyfriend who can’t die on her. I want to know Eric and Pam will spend the rest of eternity making snide remarks and running the word. I want Lafayette to finally find his piece of happiness.

And for once, it looks like True Blood and I are on the same page.


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