True Blood Recap: Karma

True Blood Recap: Karma

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen True Blood Season 7, Ep. 6 – “Karma.”

“I don’t think screwing your siblings what they meant by bad times.” — Andy

In television there is a time for action and a time to set up future action and six episodes into a ten episode final season is a time for place setting and little more. And that’s all well and good, but it leads to somewhat lackluster recap.

After the first half of the season had our merry band of characters running and fighting and dying, “Karma” was a respite, a moment to rearrange the various players and hint at what their futures may hold.

So here is where everyone stands with just four episodes left:

- Bill does indeed have Hep-V thanks to Sookie because the things you love are usually the things that kill you. So basically her “vampire bait” plan killed not only Alicide, but possibly Bill as well. But Bill’s Hep-V isn’t like anyone else’s Hep-V. In mere hours his tiny bit of veining spread down his entire upper body. I can’t help but think that his dabbling in Lilith blood may have done some lasting damage. Perhaps that’s the karma the episode’s title refers to.

- Violet attempted to orally persuade Jason into remaining faithful, but as millions of desperate girls could have told her, it didn’t work. So instead she trashed the bedroom and… kidnapped Adilyn and Wade? Yeah, I’m not sure what sense that makes, but that is what she did. I suppose attacking Adilyn will upset Jessica, but it still feels like a bit of a reach. Violet talked a pretty big game for her big moves to boil down to blowjobs and kidnapping horny teenagers.

- Lafayette accompanied Lettie Mae on a V trip to talk to Tara and now he’s onboard with the whole idea. Reverend Daniels still was not, but for once Lettie Mae put Tara first and chose her drug-induced visions over her husband. This whole Tara subplot is the only storyline that feels a bit forced. It doesn’t fit into the main storyline (yet) and feels like a waste every time we get to it, so it better have a good payoff.

- Eric and Pam made a pact with the devil, aka the head of Yakonomo, to hunt down Sarah Newlin and make her pay for her crimes against vampire kind. But not so fast, it turns out that within Sarah Numi flows the antidote to Hep-V. One tiny sip of her blood and the spider veins vanish. So now the only question is, does she have enough blood to save everyone?

- Oh, and Nicole decided to leave Bon Temps because she’s the only one with any sense and apparently we’re still supposed to care about Sam’s life.

True Blood has managed to maintain is singular focus for the better half of its final season and now we’re in the home stretch. “Karma” set it up and now it’ll all fall into place, for better of worse.


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