True Blood Recap: Death is Not the End

True Blood Recap: Death is Not the End

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen True Blood Season 7, Ep. 4 – “Death is Not the End.”

“And Eric Northman is nothing if he is not pure fucking sex on a throne.” — Ginger

If the vampire genre as a whole does one thing, it proves that this episode’s title, “Death is Not the End,” very much true.  Yet, as we inch further along into the season we’re also being reminded that death, true death, very much is an end. We’re only four episodes into the final season and the death toll has never been higher. From supporting players to background characters, True Blood has never been deadlier.

For six years we’ve watched a show examine various means to escape death, but as the story closes it shows us that sometimes the only true ending is a true death. It’s the way you die, and how your death is dealt with, that determines what that story will be.

In the end, people choose what the ending of their story will be. Some people, like Alcide’s father and Hoyt, react to death with regret and sentiment. Some people, like Rosie, react with anger and violence. And some people, like Arlene, choose not to die, but to keep on living and fighting and continuing their story.

As action packed as the final few moments of the episode were, “Death is Not the End” continued the season’s focus on sentimental character moments. While past seasons have revolved around rescue mission, this rescue was complete in a matter of minutes, with every single “bad guy” dead and all the “good guys” unscathed.

Obviously the plot of a final season is vital, and I assume now that the Fangtasia hostages have been recovered that plot will move on to seeking revenge on Sarah Newlin, it has taken a backseat this season. These past four episodes have had their share of action, but the action has felt like an afterthought

In the end, a show has to choose how it wants to end. It can get wrapped up in sentimentality, it can go out in a blaze of violence and death or, sometimes, it can focus on giving the audience beautiful moments with the characters we may have forgotten we loved and make us love them again.

Last Thoughts:

- Along with giving the people what they want, the final season is also apparently all about giving every long gone character a final bow. Hey, Hoyt, Ginger, Terry and magister! Thanks for stopping by.

- As much as I love Pam and Eric flashbacks (and really any Eric and Pam time), its increasingly obvious that their only purpose is to clumsily introduce something that will play a vital role in the ensuing episode. Oh, have we never mentioned that Fangtasia has a secret tunnel from the Underground Railroad? Put in an Eric and Pam flashback!

- Sometimes I wish I could do a facial expression of the week in place of the quote. Of course it would get boring because every week it would be Pam. This week the honor goes to her look of disgust as the magister threw her the video store keys and they bounced off her to the floor.

- Sookie in a borrowed t-shirt running around Fangtasia was a great callback to season one. I’m looking forward what else they can work in.


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