Orphan Black Season Two Finale Recap: By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried

Orphan Black Season Two Finale Recap: By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen the Orphan Black Season 2 Finale, “By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried.”

"Let's do open a rollicking debate about keeping secrets.” — Felix

Any problems Orphan Black may have had with their clones being too unconnected were forgotten for the season finale. All the clones were together for one final dance party and one cathartic moment of knowing everyone was safe. An all too brief moment, but a moment nonetheless.

I’ll have to dispense with the usual clone-by-clone breakdown because this was not an episode that lent itself to such formatting. In fact, “By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried” didn’t lend itself to any form of normal recapping. It was the kind of finale that kept us viewers in the dark until the last very moment. But really, the only people who knew the entire plan and the entire scope of that plan’s consequences were Paul and Siobhan. And oh what a plan it was.

Sarah surrendered to Dyad in order to negotiate for Kira. So then Cal turned up boasting an online mole within Dyad who might be willing to help. And said mole was willing, as long as Siobhan agreed to give up her mole in exchange. And the moles are… Paul and Marian! Paul, all decked out in his fancy military gear handed over an important looking red folder and Marian agreed to getting Sarah and Kira out of Dyad.

Not that they needed Marian’s permission because Cosima and Scott had their own extraction plan. A plan that involved science and resulted in Rachel getting impaled in the eye with a pencil. Is that a fatal wound or have they just ensured that Rachel will never be able to impersonate one them again thanks to the hottest arch-villain accessory; the eye patch?

That’s neither here nor there, because while the remaining members of the clone club celebrated their new found freedom from Dyad, ignored that they had blinded their clone sister for no actual reason and pretended Cosima wasn’t going to drop dead at any moment; the plan raged on.

As Sarah found out when she went to visit Marian the next day, the practice of creating clones isn’t a dead art. It’s still very much in vogue. Example, Marian has her very own clone baby (with an unfortunate need for a leg brace); the only clone out of four hundred attempts to survive.

And in case that wasn’t enough head fuckery, Marian also revealed that the military never abandoned they’re quest to create clones. They just abandoned the idea of girl clones. Under the name Project Castor, the clone experiments live on and guess what, we’ve already met a boy clone: the fish cult guy who ran off with Gracie.

I’ll admit, the boy clone revelation caused me to gasp in disbelief, as was its intention, but the more I think about it, the more it seems unnecessary. Orphan Black’s greatness comes in large part because of the female stories it tells. The themes of sisters, motherhood and the idea control over a woman’s body have reinforced what a feminist show this is. The sudden inclusion of boy clones, while interesting, threatens to cheapen that while also not serving to impact our central characters all that much.

Why should Cosima or Sarah or Alison care if the military is creating boy clones? How does that really affect them? Although I suppose now that the military also has Helena (and they all suddenly love Helena) it will affect them.

Yes, the final part of Paul and Siobhan’s plan was for Helena to be taken by the military personnel involved in Project Castor. Perhaps they need someone to teach these boy clones a thing or two about being psychotic killing machines. Or maybe they want to use her like a broodmare just like everyone else.

Unlike Cal, I know my mythology. In the Greek myth, Zeus, in the form of a swan (because that’s sexy), seduced Leda and she conceived twins: Pollux and Castor. Pollux was the divine son of Zeus while Castor was the mortal son of the king of Sparta. So, if Project Leda and Project Castor were once one and if the people involved in naming them knew their Greek myths too, it sounds like Helena’s fate is leaning once again in the broodmare direction. Also interesting to note that they named the project after the mortal son and not the divine one. What does that mean, who knows? But it’s interesting.

But that’s it fellow Clone Clubbers. Another season done and all we have left are questions. How will the revelation of Project Castor affect the subjects of Project Leda? Does Mark (the fish cult guy and newly reveled boy clone) know he’s a clone? Did Henrik? Is Marian good or bad? She seemed bad, but then she seemed good, but then Michelle Forbes is really good at being bad. Will Cosima be able to decode Duncan’s cipher in time to save herself? And the biggest question of all, how do we really feel about the inclusion of boy clones?

Let me know you’re thoughts, we’ve got a lot of time before we get any official answers.


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