Orphan Black Recap: Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done

Orphan Black Recap: Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Orphan Black Season 2, Ep. 9 – “Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done.”

“I'm not as perfectly comfortable with manslaughter as you.”— Donnie

Just one episode away from the end of season two and it still feels like we’re miles away from a satisfying conclusion. As some clones came together, others drifted farther apart and the idea that the season will end in anything other than a rage-inducing cliff hanger drifted farthest way of all.

So let’s jump right into this and kick things off with the most dangerous clone of all.

Helena: Yes, Rachel gave her a good run for the money in the dangerous clone department. And Rachel is certainly the most dangerous to the other clones (at least Sarah), but for once Helena’s danger came with a fist-pumping “hell yes!” And that deserves some respect.

It’s almost cute that the Proletheans thought they could control Helena with some kind smiles and Gracie. Henrik saw Helena’s genetics and completely ignored everything else about her. Helena is not a woman to bear cult children and churn butter all day. She is a woman who tortures you in the middle of the night and burns down your farm. And for once I’m very glad that she’s that kind of woman.

Helena’s demolition of the Prolethean Homestead was awesome, but it feels like the Prolethean storyline was kind of wasted on this season. When the season began all the clones were off doing their own thing, but as the season wore on the action quickly became concentrated at Dyad and the quest to fix the clone’s fertility. So the Proletheans got pushed to the side and we got very little time to understand who they were and the threat they posed before they all burned.

It was an interesting story that could have easily been the backbone of an entire season, but instead it felt rushed and unrealized.

Rachel: But now we can move on to the real danger clone and the bulk of the episode’s story. Rachel too feels unrealized, but we have to accept that her driving force is the desire to have a child.

So she manipulated Delphine into taking over for Leekie; watched her home movies again and revealed how truly crazy she was by laughing like a manic; and then donned her own Sarah disguise in order to kidnap Kira.

I’ve been waiting for the episode when a clone would imitate another clone without us realizing it and the moment did not disappoint. It was a perfect twist and the prefect moment to deploy the trick. It was obvious that Rachel was making a move (I mean honestly, who just leaves their email open? Come on, Delphine!). And as much as I was waiting for the clone dupe moment, I never saw it coming.

But why does she want Kira? Kira’s a sweet kid and all, but almost everyone in the story has been interested in her for scientific reasons. But Kira already gave her bone marrow. Any medical mysteries that could be solved by her were moments away from being solved. As unclear as Rachel’s wants are, its pretty clear she wants a child for emotional reasons, not medical ones.

So does she hope Kira will enjoy her pretty, pink room so much she’ll forget she already has a mother and an uncle and a Mrs. S. who love and care about her? Rachel clearly never forgot about her parents no matter how much affection Leekie gave her; why does she think Kira will?

Sarah and Cosima: I’m lumping these two together because neither had much to do this week.

After her seizure last week, Cosima looked a little better. But we were constantly reminded that she was not better. She was much, much worse.

So Sarah had to make the difficult decision between risking her daughter’s safety and letting her sister die. In the end she chose saving Cosima and as a result Kira has been taken. Cosima better get real healthy, real fast.

Alison: Like Helena, Alison has had very little to do with the main plot this season. And it is equally as unfortunate.

This week she and Donnie proved my theory from last week that the couple that disposes of bodies together stays together. It is amusing that after two season of marital turmoil it’s burying a body in their garage that reignited their spark. Of course it helped that Donnie was no longer lying and spying on his wife but protecting her and that Angela was finally thrown off their tail and they were free to live in murderous suburbia bliss.

But it was mostly the body disposal.


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