Orphan Black Recap: Knowledge of Causes and Secret Motions of Things

Orphan Black Recap: Knowledge of Causes and Secret Motions of Things

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Orphan Black Season 2, Ep. 7 – “Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motions of Things.”

“I can’t go to jail, Felix! I don’t have the temperament! In the shower, if they touch me, I will cut them!”  — Alison

For two seasons Dr. Aldous Leekie was set up as the quintessential big bad. Oh sure, he had is moments of redemption, moments where it looked like genuine feeling would win out over ego and greed. But, for the most part, he was the cliché sci-fi villain; a man obsessed with playing God, the face of the corporation intent on controlling women’s bodies. He was a formidable man, but this week he was taken out. By Donnie Hendrix. Accidently.

It was an intense reversal to go from reaffirming him as the big bad last week to killing him off this week. So now we’re looking at a few new candidates for the big bad; the newly introduced and even more formidable Marian or perhaps Rachel herself. She showed a few moments of humanity during the reunion with her father and by attempting to spare Dr. Leekie’s life, but I still don’t doubt she would destroy her clone sisters if it benefitted her.

But enough predicting what will happen next week, lets check out what the rest of the Clone Club was up to this week.

Alison: Alison had yet another rough week in rehab. She finally attempted a little healing and opened up to another person about her troubles. Unfortunately, her troubles are that she let her best friend die and the person she confided in was spying on her for the police. So basically Alison will never trust again.

She did have a somewhat nice moment of healing with Donnie at the end of the episode as well. Turns out that Donnie was just as dumb as we always thought. Yes, he was monitoring Alison, but he had no idea why. It was a shock for both of them, but at least now they can have an honest discussion about their marital issues. “I love you so much, and you ruined our family. And you're so stupid, you don't even know why."

Of course that may be the extent of that conversation since I assume Donnie will now be on the run.

Cosima: Cosima also had a rough a week. She got probed, found out that on the end of that probe were tiny bits of Kira and also learned her lover was keeping that bit of information to herself.

But still, as upset as she was about Kira’s stem cells (taken from the tooth she lost when that car hit her last season) being used to cure her, she reached out to Sarah about getting some more. Lucky for her Kira is intuitive and caring enough to offer up her teeth, no questions asked.

Sarah: Sarah was bit all over the place this week. She set Mrs. S. off with some very uncomforting words and hightailed it back to Cal and Kira. But three minutes into that family reunion she got a call from Felix and Alison to assist with their Vic the Dick problem. So off to rehab she went to atone Vic and give us a wonderful moment of Sarah pretending to be Alison pretending to be Donnie pretending to be Alison. I live for Orphan Black moments like that.

Once that little kerfuffle was dealt with it was time to go back to Kira, but wait, what’s that? Cosima’s on the phone and she needs to Kira in order to live? Bye Cal, thanks for all your super trusting, unquestioning assistance in protecting Kira, but now its time to hand her over to the corporation we’ve been running from for the last six episodes.

So what will the finale three episodes hold? Who will step up and fill Leekie’s big, bad shoes? And how pregnant will Helena be the next time we see her? Let me know your thoughts!


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