Revenge Recap: Impetus

Revenge Recap: Impetus

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven't seen Revenge Season 3, Ep. 21 - “Impetus.”

I've been saying it for years, but the lovely creators of Revenge only just decided to listen to me. This week Emily finally got some actual revenge on a Grayson and we got one of best episodes of the last two seasons. Oh sure, there were still a few snags, but overall “Impetus” was tight, exhilarating storytelling.

One thing it had going for it was that it didn't try to drag out any mystery from last week. We immediately found out who had taken Charlotte. Though in a shocking turn of events it wasn't the lurking cabin dweller, but Emily and her fellow team of Vengeful Ninjas. Emily called up Conrad and demanded he hold a press conference confessing his many sins in the downing of flight 197 and its ensuing cover-up.

I'll admit, I'm all for Emily getting on with this revenge already, but kidnapping her sister seemed a bit extreme. But of course a true Vengeful Ninja always has a twist hidden up her sleeve. But before Emily revealed hers we got to enjoy Characters Who Attempt to Ruin Everything With Their Worst-ness: A Play in Two Parts.

The first part was portrayed by Jack who tracked down the ninja kidnappers and attempted to ruin their kidnapping fun with his morals and caring about Charlotte's well-being. Then Daniel took over the second part by trying to set up Emily for the death of Pascal. The police found a surveillance photo of a woman on the stairs around the time of Pascal's death and Daniel helpfully pointed out it was his ex-wife because he “recognized her body.” Of course it was clearly Victoria, so his douche-ness now has a healthy dose of creepy. Daniel needs therapy for a lot of reasons, but identifying his mother's body as his ex's deserves at least a few sessions of its own.

But all of these distractions meant little in the actual scheme of Emily's revenge. The plan was never to allow Conrad to hold the press conference where his confession would be inadmissible in a court of law. The actual point was to show Charlotte the truth about her parents and hope she confronted her father, who would clearly admit to every crime Charlotte laid at his feet with some threats thrown in for good measure. Which she did and he did and which Nolan managed to broadcast though the mini-cam on Charlotte's jacket out to the world. How this confession will admissible in a court of law I do not know, but Conrad was behind bars by the end of the hour, so I guess in Montauk illegal recordings are just fine.

This episode was so satisfying and entertaining I won't even point out how this method of revenge could have been exacted at any point in the last three years, say before dozens of innocent people were killed in order to keep covering up the lies.

But Conrad confessing to his sins on live television and being thrown in jail wasn't even the topper of the hour.

No, while Conrad was busy trying to save his daughter's life Victoria saw the opportunity to confirm her doubts about Emily once and for all. She went to the park and stole some DNA from Carl to test against Charlotte's DNA. Clearly the extremely rushed tests proved that Charlotte and Carl share no relation, so clearly Emily must be Amanda. Or something like that. Yes, all of that is true, but as far as Victoria's evidence goes, there really is no way to make that leap.

But nonetheless, we're heading into the season finale with one Grayson locked up, and aware that it was Emily who put him there, and one Grayson hot on Emily's trail. But Victoria has only seen the backhanded socialite simpering bit of Emily's ninja arsenal. Here's hoping she meets the ass-kicking bit real soon.


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