Orphan Black Recap: To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings

Orphan Black Recap: To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Orphan Black Season 2, Ep. 6 – “To Hound Nature in Her Wanderings.”

“I’m very good with children.” — Helena

The title of this week’s episode may come from a super science-y book by Francis Bacon and actually refer to some super science-y stuff I don’t understand. But in television terms, it referred to the unexpected turns a road trip can take, especially when there are various evil institutions on your tail and your traveling companion is a Russian assassin.

And for purposes of this recap, I’m going to focus on the television references. As usual, lets take it clone by clone.

Helena: I’m calling it now, The Adventures of Helena and Sestra: An Orphan Black spinoff. It turns out when Helena isn’t attempting to murder her sisters or being drugged and violated by a cult, she’s pretty fun. As long as you enjoy terrible versions of 60s pop classics.

Unfortunately, the fun couldn’t last forever. When Helena led Sarah to the church where Dr. Duncan has last been seen, Sarah left her in the car with a cracked window and strict instructions not to get into trouble. But trouble has an uncanny way of finding Helena.

She wandered off to a local pub to sample all the alcohol and partake in some townie flirting. But her vacation fling was cut short when a brawl ensued and she was taken into custody. Luckily, getting beaten up by a 90-pound woman was embarrassment enough and the men didn’t press any charges against Helena. Unluckily, the sister bailing her out wasn’t Sarah, but Gracie.

Gracie talked to Helena about her waiting children and that, along with the realization that her current family (Sarah) wasn’t coming for her, drove Helena back into the arms of her captors. Taking responsibility for your unborn children is lovely, but when it comes at the cost of an insane religious cult, I can’t say it’s the wisest move.

Sarah: Sarah, on the hand, had one goal for this road trip and even watching her sister get arrested wasn’t going to deter her from her mission. She wanted to track down Dr. Ethan “The Swan Man” Duncan and track him down she did. Along the way, she also found some seriously creepy pictures from Cold River Institute’s previous experiments.

But when she did get to Duncan’s house she also found Mrs. S. The mystery of Mrs. S. just continues to grow. This week she admitted to knowing the truth about Sarah all along and being on the run from Dyad for just as long.

Mrs. S. also reveled that she knows everything about Paul, too. How? Who knows, but I think it means that Paul is now monitoring Rachel for Leekie, but reporting to Rachel on Leekie, but actually reporting to Mrs. S. Or something like that.

But the real reveal came courtesy of the very much alive Dr. Duncan, now known as Andrew Peckham. He mostly seemed concerned with his daughter, Rachel. But when he wasn’t busy acting like a normal father, he dropped a major plot bomb.

He and his wife Susan, the brains of the operation, were recruited by the military to work on Project Leda. When the study was deemed unethical, the Dyad Institute bought up the remnants of the experiment and saw it through. But the neolutionits within the Dyad Institute wanted something beyond “little girls.” And when Susan and Ethan attempted to rat on the neolutionists, they killed Susan and Ethan went in to hiding. And who leads this sect within the science? Aldous Leekie.

I really wanted to believe Leekie was an all right guy, but it seems his first impression was the truth. He’s a very bad man and now he’s managed gain trust from far to many clones for this to end well.

Alison: Alison finally returned to the fold this week, but she wasn’t the only one. Vic the Dick showed up at rehab fresh with a new outlook on life. He was boasting a new Buddhist mantra and appeared to be the friend Alison so desperately needs.

Unfortunately Alison is extremely terrible at recognizing when someone is getting close to her out of genuine interest or to monitor her for an outside source. Vic revealed that he was sucking up to Alison to get information for Angie. Am I the only one who forgot Angie even existed in this story? At least she hasn’t changed much. She’s still the worst.

Cosima: The new treatment from Leekie was going swimmingly. Using the “Stem cells from the exfoliated dental pulp of baby teeth, in [her] uterus” turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. But, when new lab rat Scott the sequencing tech dug a little deeper into said stem cells he found they shared 13 loci with the clones, aka it is a female relative of the clones. As far as we know, Kira is the only person who fits that description, but we also know she’s been pretty well guarded. Is there another clone baby out there? Or has someone, somehow, gotten to Kira?


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