Scandal Recap: The Fluffer

Scandal Recap: The Fluffer

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Scandal Season 3, Ep. 16 – “The Fluffer.”

“We can’t be together because, you know, you kill my friends.” – Olivia Pope

Remember when President Grant was a good guy? Remember when his adoration of Olivia was so charming we actually rooted for a man to cheat on his wife? Wasn’t that fun? Well, the fun is over. Fitz has officially crossed a line that will take more than lovesick puppy dog eyes and Vermont talk to uncross.

Time did little to squelch Fitz’s rage over learning his wife and friend were lovers. In fact, he was so upset by the betrayal from a woman he does not love or want that he risked severely pissing off the woman he claims to actually love. But Olivia is there to make her man happy and if her man wants to take away the one bit of happiness his long suffering wife has left, than that is what she will do.

Honestly, forcing Andrew to end the affair, when Fitz has no intention of doing the same, is the most despicable thing the president has ever done, including when he smothered a Supreme Court justice with a pillow. Its always been clear Grant is a terrible president, but it is now also clear he isn’t a very good person either.

Luckily, Papa Pope agrees with me and set up a precarious little mousetrap to take out the president and lay the blame squarely on his daughter’s shoulders. Ok, maybe that’s not exactly what I had in mind.

Huck warned Olivia. He told her that her father would never attempt to take out B6-13 without an ulterior motive, but she didn’t listen. Rowan never had any intention of taking down his former empire. He only cares about getting revenge on the man who forced him off the throne. He promised Olivia he wouldn’t hurt Fitz, but he conveniently left a loophole that allowed him to set up a course of events that saw the president being hurt just the same.

And Olivia fell right in line. She used the information Rowan provided; slept with Jake to gain access to the B6-13 database; successfully hacked the system; and shut down B6-13 for good, electricity and all.

Unfortunately, the place went dark at the exact moment Quinn and Charlie were waiting for the order to stop Mama Pope and her bomb with the president’s name on it.

Jake came storming in, blaming Olivia for killing Fitz, but I would like to point out that Jake already knew Mama Pope was planning on killing the president and waiting to find out “how exactly” was dumb. You have a terrorist in a room with a bomb talking about killing the president. I’m not sure how much more information you need to shut that nonsense down.

But he didn’t stop it and now the terrorists and their bomb are gone, ready to carry out their dirty deed. Now, as much as I would like Fitz to get blown up right now, I don’t see that happening. Its time for the gladiators to patch up their wounds and fight another day. Or just find a plane and escape to a new life. Yeah, that sounds a lot better, actually.


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