The Americans Review: A Little Night Music

The Americans Review: A Little Night Music

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen The Americans Season 1, Ep. 4 – “A Little Night Music.”

“We are trained to use everything we have. That’s hard on the soul.” – Oleg

When you deal exclusively in lies and deceit, sooner or later the truth will begin to seep out. Truths were flying all over the place this week for our merry band of spies. From Stan’s sudden confession of his affair to the pseudo-marital problems of Martha and Clark, these tiny truths managed to find their way out.

Claudia returned to the story this week and her quest to find Emmett and Leanne’s killer seemed honest enough. As disinclined as Elizabeth is to trust her former handler, she and Philip agreed to track down Claudia’s lead. Her lead was a closeted Navy captain who Emmett and Leanne were blackmailing, and the only way to get to him was through a super sweet seaman who desperately needed to be someone’s hero.

Elizabeth’s handling of Brad was masterful, besides the part where he didn’t actually get the files for her, but its also easy to see Claudia’s point that Elizabeth may not be fully ready to be back in the spying game. Her hesitation with Brad was clearly part of the plan, but there was some actual hesitation there too. Her own close call and her friends’ fate have shaken her more than she’ll ever admit.

Later, when Philip and Elizabeth attempted to kidnap the America loving physicist, they were ambushed and Elizabeth went a little haywire. So while she was busy repeatedly slamming her assailant with the trunk, the other attacker managed to drive away with their target. Looks like the Jennings will be getting a new car after all.

But what exactly was the plan for Anton, the scientist? After hearing him speak on the greatness of America Philip concluded that he could never be turned. So were they there to kill him? And who was this mysterious duo protecting him?

Something tells me Oleg and his new security clearance have something to do with it. Arkady remarked on Oleg’s Western ways (though I would argue nepotism knows no language), which seems like a subtle way to hint at a possible secret allegiance. Besides with Nina serving Mother Russia, our story is missing a secret agent working for the other side.

A Few Last Thoughts:

Paige’s newfound religion stirred up a whole mess of trouble. Elizabeth is adamant that they teach their children to resist capitalism, but they are American through and through. She has to know that, like Emmett and Leanne’s son, her children would be much better off never knowing or understanding their parent’s ideals. But perhaps knowing that is part of what makes her so angry about it.

Stan is a really terrible friend. He blabbered on about his job, asked Philip one question and then interrupted to confess to an affair. He’s lucky Philip is only interested in hearing his dirty secrets. A real friend wouldn’t put up with that shit.

Seriously, Martha, you wash your hair in the kitchen sink? That’s disgusting.

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