Scandal Recap: No Sun on the Horizon

Scandal Recap: No Sun on the Horizon

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Scandal Season 3, Ep. 14 – “No Sun on the Horizon.”

“What would Olivia Pope do? Someone really needs to put that on a bracelet.” – David Rosen

Oh how I hate when Scandal does this. They give us an episode rife with opportunity for discussion, but then end it with such an insane moment that literally everything happened the prior 43 minutes ceases to matter.

Ok, maybe I don’t hate it. Maybe I really, really love it.

Now that I’ve put enough space to keep this spoiler off of any google searches, lets hash this out. Jake straight up killed two members of the vice president’s penance team and also killed either David Rosen or James. All in the name of protecting the republic. Olivia predicted that the job when get to him sooner or later, but I really had my money on later.

As promised, the moment was shocking. First, because losing either of those characters feels unnecessary and evil, but also because it places Jake on a trajectory that is very far removed from running away with Olivia to sell paper.

If I had to predict, I would say David is the more likely recipient of Jake’s bullet. He is the greater threat to the country, if you subscribe to the belief that seeking justice for murder regardless of rank will result in a break down of democracy as Cyrus predicted. James was already back peddling on his fervor and can easily be swayed to keep his mouth shut to protect his husband and his family. David would pursue the case no matter what the obstacles, even Command of B6-13 killing off the rest of his conspirators.

But before Jake chose the dark side, there was Sally Langston to deal with. She got it into her crazy head that the only way to get back into God’s good graces was to confess to her sins. On live television.

Now, that may seem irrationally stupid (because it is), but apparently B6-13 subscribes to the idea of fighting crazy with even crazier. Because their solution to the problem of a vice president confessing to murder on live television was to have a secret service member kill her. On. Live. Television.

Luckily Olivia Pope is slightly less crazy than everyone else and convinced the president to throw the debate instead. So the republic will live to see another day.

Scandal maintains an insane pace and to keep that pace a lot happens per episode. When a lot happens per episode you need to keep ramping up the drama. And when you keep ramping up the drama things start to get a little ridiculous. Things have officially tipped into a bit too ridiculous.

But Scandal has the self-awareness to see when things are getting ridiculous and have the characters act accordingly.

These people have seen and done some terrible things and this episode saw some of them getting overwhelmed by it all. Sally, Jake and Olivia all spoke about getting out of the dark and into the light. Their separate sins and mistakes have taken them to a place where their only options are to crash and burn or run away from it all. They’ve spent a lot of time in the dark and only just realized that without a little light you can’t see a way out.

But if the title of the episode is any indication, they’ll be stuck in the dark for a while.

A Few Last Thoughts:

Cyrus’ response to finding out James was Publius was quite surprising. He so rarely (i.e. never) shows his softer side it’s easy to forget he’s human at all. No matter his transgressions, and I don’t pretend they are easy to ignore, Cyrus does love James. Cyrus has spent more time in the dark than anyone else, but realizing that his own husband was trying to bring him down was a reminder that light still existed at all. His apology to James doesn’t forgive his sins, but it is a teeny tiny step in the right direction.

Why do Leo and Rowan want Sally to be president? What about this crazy lady says she’ll be a good choice to lead the free world? Sure, Leo will wield a lot of power, but you can only pull the strings of an insane person so far. This election should be showing him that. And Rowan? How is this nutbag a safer choice for protecting your precious republic?

Speaking of Sally, she went full on Ellis Grey with a religious twist and it was TERRIFYING. Kate Burton deserves all the Emmys.

Quinn needs to stop. Just stop being on my television unless she’s back to being a gladiator. They could literally just insert her back into Pope and Associates and not say a word about it and it would be fine. I can pretend this storyline never happened if there’s no other way out of it. Of course, since Pope and Associates barely exists at this point, I’ll repeat, just stop being on my television.

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