Revenge Recap: Struggle

Revenge Recap: Struggle
But any episode that includes this isn't a complete waste.

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Revenge Season 3, Ep. 15 – “Struggle.”

This week Revenge returned to form. Unfortunately the form wasn’t its heyday of season one glory, but of season two tedium. The interesting points brought up last week were quickly brushed aside in favor of more expounding on the tired theme of dragging this revenge out and even more storylines were quickly shuffled off never to be heard from again.

I was excited by the idea that Emily’s own unstable mind might be the newest obstacle for her to overcome, but that problem was solved as quickly as it was introduced. Nolan called Aiden in to work his ninja magic to fix Emily. Turns out all she needed was to be tied up and dunked in some water in order to realize her subconscious was super pissed that her dad had once loved Victoria, thus damning Emily to a lifetime of revenge. I guess she conveniently forgot the part where her father begged Emily to forgive the Graysons and get on with her life.

But interesting plotlines weren’t the only thing getting shown the door this week; uninteresting ones weren’t safe either. After a summer of being Victoria’s puppet, Patrick was finally able to cut the cord and set off on his own. Oh wait, his sudden dream job was actually courtesy of his mother and ex scheming to get him out of the country to stop killing people? Hmm, well at least he’s gone. Now Victoria can get back to having no soul and being the better villain for it.

The revelation that Stevie Grayson was Jack’s mother also took an uninteresting turn when she confessed she had abandoned him because she had been an alcoholic unable to face returning to the Hamptons. My eyes always start to glaze over when Jack is on the screen for more than two minutes, but all the mommy and me bonding wasn’t important anyway. The entire point was to trigger a memory in Emily; the memory her father had written about Stevie visiting him in prison.

What does that mean? Who knows. I hope it means Emily can add a new warrior to her ninja army. Now that her plan has been refocused for the umpteenth time she could use some more help. Or she could just turn in her giant box of evidence to the police. Or try to contact those FBI agents who were building a case against Conrad before the plane with their star witnesses crashed in a not at all suspicious way. Or she could take her fathers advice and run away with Aiden and let these awful people destroy themselves. Or she can continue to plot and scheme and make absolutely no progress week after week.

I know which scenario I would choose, but also know which one Emily will pick. So see you again next week, revengers.


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