Revenge Recap: Disgrace

Revenge Recap: Disgrace

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Revenge Season 3, Ep. 16 – “Disgrace.”

Last week I got a little caught up in the absurdity of Revenge, but luckily this week the revenge plot was refocused with new evidence and a new target so I am more than happy to go on pretending all these problems couldn’t be solved with a quick phone call to local law enforcement.

As much as Jack still annoys me, I much prefer fellow revenger Jack to wide, eyed oblivious Jack. This week, after learning his mother wanted on the David Clarke name clearing train, Jack leapt into action to steal some crucial evidence seized from Stevie after her disbarment.

This crucial piece of evidence was a note mentioning the David Clarke cover up written by none other than Pascal LeMarchal, Margaux’s distractingly young father, who just happened to come to town this week. Don’t you just love it when revenge plans come together?

And new evidence calls for a new plan. Cue the perfectly timed scandal breaking and dramatic shunning at the opera! Emily leaked her medical records to give Daniel the means to divorce her without paying out or risking being known as a wannabe black widower. Emily’s new super secret plan involves luring the Graysons into a false sense of victory.

Daniel is ready enough to declare a win and ride off into the sunset because Daniel is embarrassingly stupid. Victoria on the other hand seems to sense that Emily is letting them off too easily. She finally put together that the grifter associated with two victims of the Flight 197 cover up might have an agenda beyond fame and fortune.

The best thing about part of Emily’s true intentions coming to light is Victoria’s newfound respect for her. When she thought she was merely a social climbing wannabe Victoria was merely annoyed with Emily. But with each calculated move Emily makes, Victoria’s eyes gleam a little brighter by the idea of finding a worth adversary. When Emily immediately turned on the tears as a preview of her divorce testimony, it was hard to ignore the look of admiration from Victoria. Her first priority may be to protect her son, but she clearly loves having someone smart enough to actually make her work for her takedowns.

And in case all this refocused scheming isn’t enough to whet your revengeful appetite, Conrad bartered his ex-wife to Pascal in return for a job and Nolan’s prison buddy showed up unannounced to use his pad for house arrest. Hey, if I had the choice of home’s to serve house arrest in I’d probably choose Nolan’s too.


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