Scandal Recap: Ride, Sally, Ride

Scandal Recap: Ride, Sally, Ride

Spoiler Alert: Do not if you haven’t seen Scandal Season 3, Ep. 11 – “Ride, Sally, Ride.”

“I serve at the pleasure of the president of the United States —“ — Jake

                                                                                           “Don’t we all.” — Olivia

It’s hard to choose which alternate D.C. I’d rather live in; the one depicted in House of Cards or in Scandal. Both are full of politicos more interested in serving their own needs and a murderous vice president. The difference is that I still like Frank Underwood a hell of a lot more than Sally Langston.

Sally has forgotten the age-old adage; don’t bite the hand that disposes of your bodies for you.  Despite Cyrus’ help with her husband, Sally followed through on her threat to run as an independent against Fitz. But she wants to have her cake and remain the vice president as well. Only in the White House can you publically call your boss incompetent and still keep your job.

The chaos of a dissident veep wasn’t done yet though. Fitz reacted to the bad news like a petulant little child, if the child were the booze soaked leader of the free world. He’s decided the only people he can trust are those who have already proven their loyalty. So he insisted on keeping Olivia as his campaign manager, despite ignoring her opinions, and named his former lieutenant governor, Andrew Nichols, as his new running mate.

But, it seems his most trusted number two is carrying a pretty large torch for his first lady. This is exciting because one, the show needs some more love stories besides Olitz, which gets messier and messier by the minute; two, perhaps a little loving will keep Mellie from ripping Olivia’s face off and I do prefer Olivia with a face; and three, no matter your opinions on Mellie, after everything’s she’s been through she deserves some real romance, at least for a little bit.

But none of this speaks to the larger issue this storyline raised for me. It seems like Fitz’s feelings on the presidency change by the minute. One minute he wants give it all up and make jam in Vermont and the next he’s a ruthless politician only interested in hanging onto his power. Granted, the show would be much less exciting if it were about jam makers, but his head seems much more preoccupied with his love life than his country.

In order to appease the gossip and stay on as campaign manager Olivia needed some arm candy as a cover. So she chose Jake Ballard. Because if there’s a way to do what she’s supposed to do and drive the president insane with jealousy, Olivia will always do it.

So perhaps House of Cards is the better fake D.C., at least those schemes have a little something to do with actual politics.

A Few Last Thoughts:

Papa Pope did not take his ousting well. Surprising, I know. He seemed so level headed. He flat out threatened the president’s life and then aligned himself with Leo and the vice president’s camp. Rowan certainly isn’t a man I’d want as an enemy, but Fitz now has all of B6-13 at his disposal. I’m predicting demolition on all fronts.

I’m still very upset with this new turn for Quinn. She’s gone from unwitting assassin to gleeful kidnapper with nary a backwards glance at her days in a white hat. At least we had a break from mean Huck for the hour.

Harrison spent the episode in a cold sweat waiting for his former friend and insider trading partner, Adnan Salif, to exact revenge. But when she (She? This was a complete surprise, right?) did show up he was out of her pants and into hers in about 30 seconds. I’ve never been in mortal fear that a former business associate would try and murder me, but I’m fairly sure it would take more than some kisses to make me forget I had armed myself for this encounter. On the other hand, naked Harrison.

James has not disappointed me. He took the cushy government job, but he has his eye on taking down his husband. I’ve always hoped Cyrus’ underestimation of his husband would be his downfall. Now if only James would be a little smarter about it.


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