Scandal Review: YOLO

Scandal Review: YOLO

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t see Scandal Season 3, Ep. 9 – “YOLO”.

Scandal has built its brand on delivering break-neck paced episodes on a weekly basis; its what makes it so addicting and thoroughly engrossing. It also is what distracts from some otherwise glaring questions and inconsistencies.

I’m not arguing that Scandal needs to be rooted in complete believability, that’s not what made me love the show in the first place. But I do expect it, and all shows, to adhere to the rules of its own making and allow its characters to make choices based on the development they’ve been given.

I do not expect Huck to immediately switch from (relatively) normal to tooth pulling maniac at the flip of a switch against someone who can only be described as a very close friend. In fact, given everything we’ve seen in the past two and a half seasons I would argue that after Olivia, Quinn is the closest person to Huck. Yet he offered her no understanding and gave her no time to explain. He said he wanted her to talk, but only seemed interested in hurting her.

Quinn would have started talking the second she saw Huck sitting in her apartment. She has no loyalty to B613, she never even asked to be a member. Instead, Huck ignored her protests and never asked for her easily believed explanation. He instantly found joy in hurting someone he cared about mere hours before. Does that sound like the Huck we’ve come to know and love?

And yet I was inclined to forget these questions as soon as the episode ended because HOLY SHIT GUYS, QUINN IS GOING TO KILL COMMAND!! And maybe thats not such a good thing! Distraction = success… almost.

The twisty path we took to the end of this episode offered a lot of confusion. Confusion that managed to obscure how ridiculous all this is. Oh sure, this show has always been ridiculous. But suspending belief to allow for a president to have a blatant affair or for a group of desperate, ambitious people to cheat the system is a far cry from the suspension required of an omni-powerful organization that answers to no one and is able to leave a mountain of bodies in its wake.

And please, someone explain how the leader of the said omni-powerful, all seeing, all controlling organization ends up married to a terrorist. Also, if someone didn’t see that reversal coming you aren’t well acquainted with the show. It’s not Scandal if it doesn’t twist at least three times before an episode’s end.

It’s a lot to accept at once, but apparently the Scandal universe is now one in which the Vice President can kill her gay husband and (most likely) get away with it. We’re operating on a different plane now. I guess its time to get on board.

Other Burning Questions:

How does an afternoon of torture get someone in the mood for some spy lovin’? Also, if Quinn had already agreed to kill Command for Huck why play along that hard with Charlie? Unless getting loved on is a way better loyalty building exercise than tooth extraction because DUH.

Are we supposed to feel bad for Cyrus? Are we supposed to feel sympathy because he finally put his relationship before his ambition? Frankly, it’s too little too late and if I were James I would finish packing that bag. One tearful apology doesn’t undo years of lies and manipulation.

Who the hell is running the country? Because it sure isn’t any of these vindictive people all caught up in their personal dramas.


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