Scandal Review: Vermont Is for Lovers, Too

Scandal Review: Vermont Is for Lovers, Too

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Scandal Season 3, Ep. 8 – “Vermont Is for Lovers, Too”.

“My husband is not your husband.” – Cyrus

And those last ten minutes strike again.

Show of hands, who didn’t think James would cheat on Cyrus? Yep, I’m pretty sure Cyrus was the only person who didn’t see that coming. Cyrus has done nothing but manipulate and use James; it was only a matter of time before some karma came his way.

But now the question is, will he still leak the photos to stop Sally? Will he forgive James and realize even with this indiscretion they are not even close to even? Since this is Cyrus we’re talking about, I’ll assume the worst.

Everyone’s favorite adulterous duo was getting along much better. Olivia was playing her usual “I don’t want anything to do with you” game, but when the private helicopter was sent she got on it. Take note, gentleman, if ever you obey an order than results in the supposed murder of you lady love’s mother all you have to do is build her a mansion in Vermont and she’ll be putty in your hands once again. Thank you, Scandal for taking time away from all these dreary political storylines to give a little love advice for us normal folk.

But for every steamy sex scene pandering to the audience’s wishes, there were two more storylines jumping head first off a cliff to dangle there for the next two weeks.

First, Mama Pope is one tough bitch. After gnawing her own wrists to get transferred to an infirmary, she managed to attack her doctor and escape. Then she managed to find her daughter, despite the fact she hasn’t been out of a cell in two decades and presumably was being held fairly far away from a source of public transportation.

Then there’s poor Baby Huck about to be tortured by actual Huck. Obviously he was able to decipher the image. That was about as clear as James’ choice. But I’m not sure if all the drills and duct tape are necessary. Quinn has had no actual B613 training and no real loyalty towards anyone involved. Also, I’m pretty sure Huck can figure out who’s involved without all that nonsense. But, it looks like that’s where everything is headed.

Alright, I know I said we’d discuss this whole Mama Pope prisoner business in more detail, but guess what, we still have no details! Was she involved in the supposed terrorist attack on the plane? Is she dangerous, and therefore is Olivia in danger now that she’s in her life? If she was a threat and was removed from the plane, why did it still need to be shot down? Or is Rowan just a really terrible husband/human being? Nothing is certain… except that we probably still won’t know any more in two weeks. But Olivia and Fitz are on the case! Perhaps when he retires they can move to Vermont and solve crime Jessica Fletcher style. I would still watch.

Oh, and Josie Marcus dropped out of the presidential race because the only realistic thing about this show is that only terrible people succeed in politics.

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone. May you devour your turkey with the same fervor Mama Pope reserves for her wrists!


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