Scandal Review: Icarus

Scandal Review: Icarus

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Scandal Season 3 Ep. 7 – “Icarus”.

I did everything but roll your whore up in a rug and unfurl her at your feet. – Mellie

There was no client of the week for Olivia to save this week so we were left with an episode completely devoted to unraveling the two big storylines of the season: Operation Remington and the upcoming primary election. And, as much as I enjoy when Olivia sweeps in with her white hat to save the day, these plots managed to keep Scandal’s frantic pace all on their own.

I enjoy both storylines, but I’ll start with the more problematic of the two.

Last week the “truth” about Operation Remington came out so this week was all about Olivia coming to terms with what she had learned. Obviously believing your father gave an order to shoot down a commercial airliner carrying your mother and that that order was carried out by the current love of your life is a hard pill to swallow. Naturally Olivia had a few follow up questions.

Unfortunately her only sources weren’t exactly forthcoming. Olivia’s father deigned to answer only one question, whether or not her gave the order to shoot down the plane (negative and its not like he would lie or anything), while Fitz refused to admit the operation even existed. Granted he has a terrible poker face so it was pretty clear that as soon as Olivia dropped her mother bomb he was feeling a whole crashed planeload of guilt.

But we still have plenty of time left in the season and I’m anticipating a minimum of three more twists in what we know about Operation Remington in the next two weeks alone. In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn the shot down plane was one big, extensively covered up mistake.

And now on to the storyline that is giving me life this season.

Last week left Olivia grappling with the decision of whose campaign to run. Prior to the Remington revelation she was clearly leaning towards an Olitz reunion on the campaign trail, but post earth shattering news she was firmly on Team Ovaries.

Frankly, besides the obvious benefits for Fitz, I don’t see why losing Olivia was such a harsh blow for Campaign Sitting President. They kept saying “Olivia wins elections”, but as far as we’ve seen the only campaign she’s won she did so by cheating along with the rest of them. So what exactly would she have brought to the table?

I suppose we shall never know because Olivia and her team of gladiators are hard at work getting the first female president elected to office. And what do you know, only one day on the job and they already have my vote.

Honestly, the heated speech about feminism Josie launched at James was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. Are we really supposed to be rooting for a lovesick puppy who’d rather make jam in Vermont than run the free world over this smart and genuinely good person who clearly wants the office for something a little more important than a sweet hook up pad?

But the fact that I’m not rooting for Fitz for the first time in three seasons is the reason I’m living for this storyline.  I love the guts it takes to make a lead character less appealing in any way.

But here’s the fantastic little twist, while Olivia may partly have been motivated to campaign for Josie as away to distance herself from Fitz, if she succeeds and Josie wins Fitz is much more free in his dating options. By denying the chance to relive her past with Fitz, Olivia may be ensuring a future with him. But then of course there’d be no show.

In Other Scandal News:

Baby Huck has upped her Huck-ness by spending her free time at a firing range. But of course falling for Charlie’s B613 ordered trap is quite un-Huck like.

Harrison finally got a decent amount of screen time, but it was spent having his life threatened by Cyrus. Cyrus tried to blackmail him into talking Olivia into quitting Josie’s campaign by threatening to let a foreign criminal back into the U.S. It certainly spooked Harrison, but not enough to sway him. All it managed to do for me was confuse the hell out of me.

Vice President Langston set her betrayal into motion, but wouldn’t you know; Cyrus was on to her from the beginning.  You have to get up pretty early to pull one over on old Cyrus Beene. You also have to have much deeper pockets. Sometimes I wonder if within the Shonda Land universe Scandal isn’t some reincarnation where Thatcher Grey is punishing Ellis Grey for being such a grade A bitch when they were married.  And sometimes that makes me love it more.


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