Revenge Recap: Secrecy

Revenge Recap: Secrecy

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Revenge Season 3, Ep. 8 – “Secrecy”.

That Emily Thorne is good. Yes, that’s stating the obvious, but it still manages to astound me. Every time it looks like she’s been backed into a corner she finds a way to ninja herself out. The only new development is that I’m not too sure if her latest scheming is really worth it.

Victoria continued to throw Sarah Daniel’s way and Daniel continued to be as easily distracted as a guppy. Truthfully, I’m rooting for his union with Sarah, but for once I’m siding with Conrad. Daniel has clearly chosen to be a Grayson kind of man so he would be smart to marry a woman like his mother… and Emily.

But of course Emily isn’t truly like Victoria, unless of course Victoria is working a long con on Conrad that has yet to result in his total ruination. So as soon as Daniel made his first real decision for himself (more or less), Emily broke out the fake sonogram to send him scampering back towards the aisle.

But at this point I really do feel for the kid. He didn’t have anything to do with the framing of David Clarke (ok, he did help to keep it covered up in the present day) and he deserves a girl as simple as he is. I feel like Emily has more than enough evidence of Victoria’s wrath against her she could presumably still frame Victoria for murder without marrying Daniel. Perhaps it could be framed as a last ditch effort to stop the nuptials.

But let’s be honest, revenging is best done in a wedding gown.

And now there are only two more episodes until the fateful ceremony. So let’s run though the various obstacles that were hinted at this week:

Smoking Strawberries: Way back in the first season Victoria tried to trap Fauxmanda with a fun little Amanda Clarke fact: she’s allergic to strawberries. Now Sarah is planning a surprise strawberry layer to the wedding cake. Will hives and a closed throat interrupt the reception? Will Victoria immediately put together the truth? Do the writers even remember that allergy exists?

Back from the Dead: Lydia Davis is back and ready to spill some secrets.  Last we saw Lydia she was aboard a plane ready to testify with Victoria against Conrad before it crashed. Does this mean Victoria knew she had survived as well? Is she behind her sudden return? And if that were the case wouldn’t Lydia have shared the photo she saw of Emily, then Amanda, serving at the New Year’s Eve party? Also, does this mean the sudden dropping of the federal investigation will finally be addressed?

Prince Not-So-Charming: After months of being the built up as Emily’s soul mate and perfect match Aiden is suddenly being cast as a hot head Emily barely knows. Of course the source of this contention is a man who has been in love with the memory of an eight year-old for the last two decades, so perhaps it should be taken with a grain of salt. I didn’t find Aiden’s jealousy of Jack all that endearing, but the writers are going to have to work a little harder to ever convince me Jack is the better match for Emily.

Final Thought: I would watch the hell out of a spin off featuring Emily and a gaggle of revenge seeking gays. Seriously, if that’s what the second half of this season is you’ll hear no complaints from me.

Plenty of time to mull these questions over so let me know what you think. Only fan theories will keep us busy for the next three weeks!


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