Revenge Recap: Resurgence

Revenge Recap: Resurgence

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Revenge Season 3, Ep. 7 – “Resurgence”.

Revenge is finally listening to my advice! While Revenge started as a tale of vengeance between an abandoned little girl and the family who ruined her life, there is no reason the title has to exclusively reflect Emily versus the Graysons. I’d previously suggested that future seasons could revolve around the endless cycle of Emily and the Graysons seeking revenge against each other for the past seasons transgressions.

Ok, maybe they’re not explicitly following my advice, but by framing an entire takedown episode around Nolan’s revenge they are at least branching out. This is a show about revenge; there is no reason Emily has to be the only one with retribution on her mind.

Perhaps the most interesting part of Nolan’s takedown, a PR maven who was responsible for outing Nolan and driving a wedge between him and his father, was how different it was from Emily’s takedowns. Where Emily is all blind vengeance and damn the collateral, Nolan managed to ruin his target without hurting any innocent parties. After the takedown Nolan joked that he had taught Emily well in the art of wingmanning, but he clearly could teach her a few things in the art of revenge as well.

While “Resurgence” focused mainly on Nolan and his target, but there were plenty of juicy tidbits added to the main storyline as well.

First, Charlotte proved much more adapt at meddling with Daniel’s life than his mother has ever been. While Victoria has been focused on pulling Emily away from Daniel, Charlotte has discovered the secret to pulling Daniel away from Emily: offering him a woman who has actual feelings for him. While I am all for Daniel finding some happiness after a lifetime of being controlled by the women in his life, I have to question Sarah’s motives. It feels like something should come between righteous anger over a crushed spine and snuggling beachside.

Now that we know Emily’s master plan is to frame Victoria for her murder we also know that Emily doesn’t plan on sticking around the Hamptons past 8/8. As much as this life is based solely around revenge, she has built a life in the Hamptons. She has (begrudgingly) made friends and found family. The Graysons may be responsible for taking away her chance at a happy life when she was a child, but Emily is consciously choosing to give up this life now. Judging by the bittersweet moments she shared with Nolan this week it looks like she may be realizing it.

Final Thoughts:

Victoria attempted to use Aiden to break-up Emily and Daniel, but when Daniel failed to take the bait she sent him packing. While I love a good Independence Day ribbing, I hope this doesn’t mean Aiden will be MIA for any extended period of time. That wouldn’t be good for anyone. Least of all me.

Jack started off this season well, but I’m already back to being bored to tears every time he’s on the screen. I understand his use as a metaphor for Emily’s lost life, but when he’s not even in scenes with her I find it hard to feel his necessity to the storyline. Buy hey, good for him, less than a year since his wife died and he’s already getting some hot French action.

Victoria surprising Aiden post shower makes me love her a little bit more.

Why exactly did Emily have to leak a fake story about a first marriage? How did that help with Busy’s takedown? Or is it a part of the master plan?


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