Revenge Recap: Dissolution

Revenge Recap: Dissolution

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you haven’t seen Revenge Season 3, Ep. 6 – “Dissolution”.

We finally have a clear-cut answer about what Emily has been up to for the last three years. She plans to frame Victoria Grayson for the murder of Emily Thorne. I’m glad we finally have some answers, but it has only raised more questions.

One, I’m not sure how framing Victoria for a crime she presumably will not actually be committing is the best option when there was, at one time, an entire computer full of evidence for crimes she actually did commit. Nor do I see how framing Victoria for murder at all punishes Conrad, who clearly deserves the brunt of this vengeance.

It does cast the season premiere flash forwards in a new light. Is Emily getting shot and falling into the ocean a part of her plan? The blood certainly looked real enough, but it wouldn’t be unlike Revenge to sidestep that little detail.  Or, does Emily’s plan spiral (further) out of control and whomever she’s apologizing to is actually shooting her?

Honestly, all signs point to a spiral out of control. With every step towards her goal Emily continues to take insane risks that puts those around her in great danger. At least now those people in her orbit are starting to stand up for themselves instead of letting Emily’s revenge plans rule their lives. This week two of Emily’s allies finally decided to share information. I’ve missed Nolan and Jack’s friendship and I’m glad to have it back even if it comes at the loss of more, hot Nolan on Patrick action.

Jack, in a bid to protect Charlotte from the confessed priest killer, took his information to Conrad. Victoria had no choice than to send her son away in order to protect him. Hmm, I wonder if she’d already gone through with putting the gallery in Patrick’s name…

But while Emily was focusing her attention on Victoria, it was another Grayson woman who was making moves that put her plan in jeopardy. Charlotte is really coming into her Grayson-ness this season. I knew once she was away from the dull vortex of Declan she would shine.

Convinced that Emily is the wrong woman for Daniel (and perceptive to boot), Charlotte set up a series of traps to bring a former flame back into Daniel’s life. Interestingly enough that former flame happens to be Sarah Munello, the woman he nearly paralyzed. I’m glad the writers finally remembered this bit of backstory because they’ve certainly done nothing but ignore it for a majority of the series.

Like I said last week, it’s hard not to feel bad for Daniel being tricked into loving someone. So its nice to see him getting some interaction with someone who actually does care about him, even if he did crush her spine.  Of course we already know that Emily ends up in her wedding dress, so it doesn’t look like Charlotte’s plan succeeds. Too much Clarke in her I assume.

But this week the takedown on deck was Grayson Manor. To stop Conrad from selling the setting of Emily’s revenge finale Emily faked some property documents. Then, to keep the entire Grayson clan together she gave them a bunch of gold. Hmm, I kinda wish I had pissed off Emily if gold bars are part of her revenge toolbox. I reserve the right to amend that stance when Emily’s wrath is finally released.

And now, enjoy this screencap of Aiden and his sledgehammer. One out of one recappers agree it’s the best way to start your week.



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